re the estimate of income.. I think I'll have to wait a year and then see.. I graduate in June but my registration might take a few months to come through.. so it could be August before I'm able to teach...then school wraps up in December soooo.. I might be best, for the first year, to wait and see how much work I get. Then after that give an estimate for next year to centerlink to cover myself.

re estimate of income for csa.. I've had two different answers on that as well from them. I have 100% care. Once a year I get the statement that says he earns xx amount and I earn $0. One year it had $40,000 for me written in and I rang them to tell them this was a mistake as I wasn't working. They said that, because I hadn't done tax return the year before they just put an estimated figure in of $40,000 but.. on the other hand when they did put it in it didn't seem to impact on my csa figure at the end of the day. Whenever I talk to csa about it they just say a) don't worry you're on a private agreement with your exhusband through csa so it doesn't matter what your statement says as you get the agreement amount b) they will just work it off my last taxable income... sooo two different approachs. I'll have to have another chat with them once I'm earning or when agreement ends with ex-husband and he doesn't want to renew, which ever comes first.