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    Default Eye teeth nightmare

    My DD is nearly 18 months old and for the past week has barely eaten anything and at times doesn't drink a lot. Her eye teeth at the bottom seem to be swollen and she outs her hands in her mouth a bit. She has had a fever on and off, interesting poos and is very irratable to the stage she wont let you put her down if she is a awake.

    We have taken her to two doctors to have a check over to make sure it isnt anything else, which they have reassured us that on the surface everything seems ok. We have aslo tried nearly every food in the house along with pureeing food to try and see if that helps

    We are now up to day 6 of very limited food and borken sleep. Does anyone have any advice, I have tried what seems to be everything and there is no change....

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    You don't say if you have been trying pain relief - panadol, nurofen, bonjela, cool cloths to suck on? Even icy poles/ice cream etc - cold foods. Have you tried toast/hard foods as well? May be some relief to press down. I used to give my son frozen chips - healthy choice ones still frozen. They would go all mooshy. Obviously you need to monitor your child while you do this and make the decision of what is best for your child.
    Just be careful of giving too many 'treat foods' as it can be hard to get them to eat normally after.
    If you really need a break can you use the tv? I know not ideal but sometimes you need to distract them when you *need* a break. Again not ideal but feeding in front of the tv - will she be distracted and just eat? Sometimes too you have to say 'no, you go play (set up with an activity) mummy needs to do xyz then we can have cuddles'. It is uber hard though, especially when you are all sleep deprived.
    My son used to have his afternoon sleeps on his couch in front of the tv as he refused to go to bed and if you put him in front of a show he would be asleep in 10mins. You do what works for you.
    Obviously if your child is lethargic - very drowsy etc seek medical attention. Again if no improvement in a few days go back to dr's again, there may have been something brewing and just can't be seen.
    Why do htey alwyas get sick over Christmas/ NY?
    I don't miss htese days at all! Good luck.


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