Phew, things have been happening non-stop for the past few weeks. After I finished unpacking, washing and cleaning after we got back from holiday, I barely had time for a breather before it was time to start thinking and planning for Christmas and New Years.

So what does 2012 have in store?

The first half of the year generally flies by pretty quickly as most of the public holidays are scattered around the first few months… which means plenty of family road trips, getaways and holidays to look forward to.

So I thought to kick-start this hiatus with a little round up some key tips on travelling with cloth. The first and foremost, most common question when planning to travel with cloth is: What to pack?

For our 2-week holiday in Malaysia, I packed 8 muslin flats, 1 army nappy cover and 4 Pea Pods pocket nappies

I certainly found it a challenge deciding what types of nappies to pack. I had many favourites I wanted to include. However when considering things like luggage allowance and laundry, I knew I had to prioritise practicality over style.

Thanks to a suggestion I received on this forum thread, I opted for muslin flats as my primary holiday stash. Here are the key reasons why I recommend them for travelling:
  1. They are lightweight and take up very little room – they squish up very nicely and leave plenty of room to bring along a couple more of the other fashionable favourites
  2. They dry super quick – we found ourselves with no access to a washing machine at our first stopover. So I was doubly grateful that I had flats with me . They dried within half a day and were back into circulation right away… even on rainy days.
  3. They are easy to wash – I didn’t have to worry about having the ‘proper’ detergent or washing them exactly the ‘right’ way. All traces of pee and poo residue rolled right off, even with my dubious hand washings.
  4. They are highly versatile – apart from being used as a nappy, I also folded them up to use as inserts with pocket nappies. They were also handy for wiping messes, mopping spills, as pram cover and lightweight blankie.
Apart from flats, the other two cloth nappy options for travelling I would recommend would be:
  • Prefolds – similar benefits as flats, except with a slightly longer drying time.
  • Pockets – the shells can be re-used as covers by wearing them over a prefold/flat or laying inserts on them (instead of stuffing them). By using them this way, you can also save space circulating more inserts to between a few shells. They are also versatile in the fact that you can use anything as an impromptu insert in emergencies, e.g. flats/prefolds, washcloths or even old T-shirts.
The least practical options for me would be fitteds (take up too much room and take ages to dry) and AI2s (need to bring along the correct matching inserts). Also the cutest and favourite prints are among the AI2s, which would be heartbreaking to lose if anything bad were to happen while we were travelling. AIOs would be a convenient option if not for the fact that you need to bring a lot of them and they take longer to dry.

For further tips, I found this article helpful. You can also check out this forum thread if you want other ideas or would like to share any tips of your own.

To read more on my cloth nappy journey, you can also check out my other cloth nappy posts or stop by my personal blog

Happy new year everyone and hope you all have a great start to 2012! :celebrate: