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    Default Advice.. Single Parent Payments with no dad?

    Hi i was just wondering if anyone has any idea on how much money is taken off you when you don't know who the farther of the baby is? (from centrelink)

    Im in a bit of a crappy situation where the dad wants NOTHING to do with us at all and says not to put his name on anything.

    I know by law he has to pay child support and that im well within my rights to apply for it and that if you dont apply for child support your payments are cut but i dont know how much... however taking into account that this is someone that i know would go out of his way to make life hell for us if i did take any action. Would never admit he is the dad to anyone else, could turn to illegal actions to stop me from proving he is the dad etc etc... not a nice person in short.

    I want to know what the right thing to do for my baby is and right now im a bit confused because i know i need money for us to live but i dont want to play with fire and have anything bad happen to me or my baby. i want the best for everyone even if that means going to court with the dad and all the problems that will happen because of that..

    For now just trying to gather information about exactly what will happen with us money wise.... and soon hopefully i can talk to the socal workers about it

    advice please?

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    Hi peachy

    I've been in your shoes..... I put the sperm donor on my centrelink papers and now I get the cold shoulder wish now that I had left things alone. I found out later on that with the help of legal aid you can apply for an exemption for child support due to certain circumstances like what you are afraid of happening.

    My under standing is that where centerline is concerned you would get the minimum of family tax which is about $140 fortnight.

    My advice is talk to legal aid first and see what they can do to help alternatively you can lie to centrelink and say your baby is the product of a one night stand.

    Hope this helps good luck!!

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    Hi Peachy, I'm Marian, I work at the Department of Human Services in a team that responds to enquiries about Centrelink, Child Support and Medicare on social media sites like this one.

    You can apply for an exemption from seeking child support, which is assessed by a Centrelink Social Worker. You can request an appointment with a Social Worker if you'd like to talk to them about your situation. The Family Assistance Office phone number is 13 6150.

    There's a lot more information about child support and how it effects Family Tax Benefit on the Centrelink website here; http://www.centrelink.gov.au/internet/internet.nsf/payments/child_supp_scheme.htm

    Hope that helps.

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