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    Also no idea what I'm going to do on nights like tonight. I've had jasper cry for a bottle until I got it, then he downed 250 ml and cried for another one, drank another 250ml so I'm guessing he REALLY was hungry (well buddy only eating a quarter of a sandwich for dinner will do that) Now has himself wrapped around me and every time I try to leave him he wakes up. Even when i got as far as sitting beside the bed with his hand o mine, if i took my hand away he's awake! How does he know??? He's asleep!!!

    I'm surviving jasper and his allergy to a nights proper sleep, I have no idea how I'm going to throw a newborn into the mix here.

    (sorry to hijack your thread with my own 4am fears!)

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    Boobycino, I've found this the hardest bit about having two - the time management of getting them both fed, bathed and put to bed, especially when I'm by myself.

    Thankfully dd1 doesn't need me to go to sleep. But she does know that no dinner equals no bottle. She is old enough to understand this, so it hasn't caused too many problems. We just had to go with a tough love approach.

    Best tip for the newborn phase is just to get your dh to be more hands on and also get them used to "mummy's busy". Get them used to going to daddy or nanny if they need help.

    We did the presents thing with the girls, but don't think dd really got it lol! Probably because it was her birthday at the same time!

    We had no jealousy issues, which I was surprised at!

    I discovered that dd1 could sit on my lap while I BF dd2!!!

    Can't think of what else we did will come back to update if I can!

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    What a great thread! Bub 2 is due in june so subscribing :-) thanks everyone!

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    I have a very jealous full on ds1 and was very worried we had a 21 month age gap and ds1 would come into bed with me if he woke during the night and have some comfort milk!! (as i was still working) 2 weeks b4 bub was due he no longer wanted mums milk when he woke (this was the only time i would offer it or he would want it). I always thought i would have issues when bf bub as ds1 was such a boobie monster..so i was kind of thinking i may have to do some tandom feeding, i was ok with this i know my dh wasn't but then i would be the one doing the most of the stuff!!!

    ds1 is thomas the tank mad so i got a train table before bub was born.. i also had lots of thomas recorded so we could use it anytime.

    when bub came he ended up in hospital for 4 weeks and so we were away from ds1 for most of this time.. ds2 wouldnt bf and so i was expressing 6-7 times a day when we came home my supply went crap (stress!) i ended up offering ds1 my milk to boost my supply, 5 months on this is still happening dh is not happy with it but i dont mind as he has one side while i express the other, so i know where he is during this time.. i guess the thing is you can plan and be prepared but sometimes life happens and things just evolve, just try to be as flexible as you can..

    I must say ds1 normally always gets the attention first, i am also saying this is your special.. whatever it is...not mine or dadys or ds2's... but you just do what you have to do. if i change ds2's nappy then ds1 wants his changed, i can also bath them at the same time now ds2 is a bit bigger!

    It is worth it the rewards of watching ds1 with ds2 is just beautiful, thankfully ds2 is so placid totally the opposite to ds1!


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