Hmmm so I finally got in to see my GP today (who also happens to be a OB/GYN).
I basically told I was diagnosed with PCOS 2 years ago and tried many contraceptives and now here I am TTC.
In 10 minutes he's given me a referral for a 21 day progesterone test and a rubella booster.
He's also asked us to stop actively trying until I get another pap smear next as my last was abnormal, and to lose 5-8 kilos.
Failing that I haven't fallen pregnant in the next few months he's going to put me on Metformin. Trying to steer clear from Clomid as I already have almost 3 year old twins...

Just wanting some opinions?
My last GYN was hopeless and just said I shouldn't have any trouble :/