Sorry I haven't posted with an update. We had another good night, with only a little nurofen needed. We did need to go back to the hospital yesterday to have some extra dressings put onto the top of his thigh where the original dressing had slipped down and he hated it. He was crying and crying and my heart was breaking.

We are in Brisbane now and I'm dreading tomorrow when we need to have the dressings changed. Just thinking about having to go in and do it is making me tear up. I will be glad to know for sure the full extent of the damage - we were told that with burns sometimes the damage won't show up for several hours or days.

I am going to start another thread about it, but will ask here as well. We have been told that the dressings need to be changed tomorrow. Being new years day and Sunday the GP will not be open and we have been told to go to the ER. Does anyone know whether we should go to the Mater or to the Royal Childrens?

Thanks everyone