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    Default Day sleeps...or lack of them


    I am having lots of problems getting my 5 month old DD to have day sleeps. When we are out and about she will sleep for up to an hour in her pram or in the car but at home we are lucky to get 20 minutes teice a day. The only place she will sleep is in her bouncer. When I notice her tired signs I pick her up, get her calm and 'dreamy eyed' then place her in her cot using the hands on settling. Usually she wakes up as soon as I place her in the cot and no amount of shhhing or patting will help. If I then take her back to her bouncer she will sometimes have a nap.

    Night sleeps are fine. She sleeps in her cot through from 9-6. I am just concerned that if I don't fix her day sleeps now we will have big issues when she grows out of the bouncer. Has anyone had similar experiences or any advice?

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    My dd did not have day sleeps other than 10 minutes on the boob twice a day, but my friend's boy slept in his bouncer until he was 2, and he has always been a big boy. He just turned 4 and sleeps on his mum's bed for day sleeps and his own bed overnight.


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