Hi V8. I am new to such forums. I can tell you that you are not alone or the only victim to this miserable condition. I was recently given the label for this condition which makes me feel sick to write it. It takes away years from you as a human being like a thief in the night and not knowing what just happened. It took my youth life from me and left my questioning how this happened. I tried a few doctors and they all could care less thinking here we go again another young one doesnt want to work. Until late 2015 I starting seeing my child hood doctor and he looked after me on the spot. started treatment, he ruled out other factors such as MRI and xrays, several blood test and soon told me this is the problem. Lyrica and Endep is given and works well. it can take up to several months to see change but it has improved. I am a chronic case of this condition. Find a Doc that will ask lots of questions and tell every symptom you have may have! Best words I can offer atm!