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    I no longer give gifts to people who complain about homemade stuff

    Cause that's what i give for christmas - a massive batch of assorted food items that i usually start working on in november. And most of my friends and family are happy to receive them. and those that aren't, well, we don't need to exchange gifts - since christmas isn't about presents for me anyway.

    I think the entitlement aspect is far ruder than trying to save money by buying in bulk and then making your own gifts.

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    Oh crap, maybe I should have told the teachers I made the biscuits all by myself, instead of telling them my boy helped. Will remember that for next year. LOL!

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    I made gifts this year. I gave them to 3 of the closest people in my life, and each and every one of them said they absolutely loved them.

    I chatted to two of them today - they have already eaten them and would like some more

    I spent hours upon hours deciding what to make, shopping for ingredients and interesting packaging ideas, putting it all together, hand calligraphing the ingredients of each jar, designing and printing personalized cards and writing humorous poems about the unique relationships I have with each person I made gifts for ...

    I would be devastated to think they didn't like them!

    I know these people though, and I know they would have appreciated how much thought and love went into it

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    I would always rather get homemade food presents than store-bought food presents (except Haigh's chocolate!). DD and I got thoroughly spoiled with a huge homemade hamper at Christmas filled with delicious goodies as well as other non-food items and it was the single best present I've ever received

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    I don't think I've ever been given homemade food as a gift although I've given homemade stuff to others!

    I do gorgeous decorated gingerbread houses each year to a cousin who loves gingerbread but he's an early 20's, surfer guy who would never make it himself so he loves mine and it's always a hit!

    I've done homemade (strawberry, pineapple and peppermint filled) chocolates which are individually painted with tinted white choc in christmas moulds, each one is put in a special little christmas choc paper and then boxed up in lovely boxes with ribbons etc. I also have done white choc peppermint bark, passionfruit shortbread stars, rocky road, christmas cakes and puddings (esp for my grandad who loves that I make one each yr for him using my great-grandmothers recipes) etc etc. I never really do big batches of a generic item, there is often more time, thought and effort put into homemade gifts than any item someone could buy in the shops.

    I think it's lovely to get homemade goodies....the ladies in this thread that have described the sorts of things they make to give....YUM!!! I'd be absolutely DELIGHTED with any of that!!!!!!

    I do think though, that a lot of people's feelings on homemade gifts have to do with the presentation. I always go to a lot of effort whenever I make something to add to a gift, to make sure that it is beautifully presented and looks lovely.

    My mum is a teacher and while she appreciates each and every gift and makes a big deal of it to the child...some homemade things she receives just don't get eaten. A pile of half-melted, unrecognizable chocolate "stuff" slapped on a plastic dinner plate covered in glad wrap which is stuck to the melted mess is hardly appetizing especially if you're not sure where it's come from. It's a nice thought but IMO presentation is the key with that kind of thing. Thankfully most people seem to go to the effort of making sure it looks as good as it tastes!!!


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