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    Default Frustrated...emotional...just need to vent!

    I'm 16wks today, flying solo since the start. FOB initially said he was keen to be involved but haven't heard from him in about a month. See what happens when bubs arrives I guess.

    I've just moved back home to Vic & living with my folks after moving to Brisbane for a fresh start...then found out I was expecting. So also don't have a job & Centrelink (being so helpful) won't give me benefits til next week as I had $$ in bank when I contacted them over a month ago (was a loan to help me move back but they don't really care!)

    I love my family & they have been so so supportive but it's driving me insane living with them. I feel so trapped & bored & lonely and don't know how I'm going to support my LO when the time comes.

    I've been applying for jobs for over a month & got nothing but rejection. Now I'm showing so chances of anyone employing me for 3/4mths is pretty slim.

    I only have one close friend but she's going through her own issues atm so don't wanna dump on her. I'm happy being PG just wish other stuff would work itself out.

    Sorry for the rant, just needed it to be written down & not taking up room in my head, gotta try something different to bottling it up hey!

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    Big hugs. Keep applying for jobs- an perhaps give temp agencies a try. Chin up gorgeous lady- it will get better. It's just the initial organising everything that's the painful part.

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    Aw sweetie! I know it's hard. I recently split from DH and am expecting our 3rd! Its really tough, but dnt worry too much, once you have bub you should be able to get enough to get your own place (just lol) And then work on getting yourself into a routine that you can live with and heal. Its true "setting up" and adjusting to the change is the hard part, but it does get better I promise! Feel free to add me to fb if you like. Its Kyra Wolfe pic is blonde hair glasses maroon button up shirt


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