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    Post Potty Training - How do you actually START?

    My 32 mo DD seems to not get the idea that her pee has to go into the potty not in her panties. She knows pee pee and poo poo, what they are but will only inform us when she has done - not before.

    She was in panties almost all day today (except nap and bed times) and had accidents whole day (imagine the amount of washing today!) We have a musical potty but I can't get her to pee in there to show her how the music works. I've also placed one in the living room. She will tell me when she's peed or pooed - but not before. When I put her on the potty, she will sit for a while, then claims she doesn't want to pee/poo, stood up and went elsewhere. 10 mins later, starts peeing in her panties.

    I watched videos together with her of other tots using the potty and she peed on me. She helps wipe and wash her panties when accidents happen.

    Frankly, I had started introducing the potty to her 2 months ago only after dinners (we're both working parents) for 5 days straight and it wasn't successful either. That's when I stopped thinking that she may not be ready. I have checked off all the list of "signs of potty readiness" with her but when it comes to actually doing it, she doesn't seem to get it.

    How do I actually start this potty training business?

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    Go for the toilet i say. Show her the toilet and explain that poo poo and wee wee go in her now. Dont put her in a nappy at all during the day and take her to the toilet very hour (be really regular with it). It would be best to spend a coupole of days at home while doing this. Put her up on the toilet and see if she does anything. If she does reward her with something extra special (ours was watching tv during the day).
    Id say (hopefully) once she does it once or twice she'll have the idea and then you can tell her to let you know whe she needs to go.

    Id say she doesnt know what the potty is for cos she hasnt used it before.
    Good luck

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    I hate pottys (no offence to anyone) and encouraged DS to use the toilet straight away instead. Every half hour until he got the idea of telling me when he needed to go. When he went in the toilet, he got rewarded with something small.

    I should add that he went wees on the toilet, soooo easily...but...he refused to poo on the toilet and would hold it in for days at a time until it would explode out of him at the worst times...though Im not sure there is a good time for poo to explode out of someone

    Hope your DD picks it up soon

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    I have just started with my son. We tried a couple of times before. Once, it was just because I'd run out of nappies. Before, even after a few days, ds wasn't giving any warning that he needed to pee. He also looked really scared about pooing and held it in. This time, he pooed easily on the floor the first day and the second day went easily in the potty. With pees, the first day he did most on the floor but the second day they were all in the potty. Obviously, he wasn't ready before and now he is. I think it may have helped seeing his friends use the toilet or pee in the garden. That's how I'd start. Get a friend over who is toilet training and let dd watch.

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    We found a reward chart for weeing helped. Jasper just didn't care either way if he wet himself. But 5 stars on the chart & he gets a toy car he TT very quickly

    He's 3 so we could explain the whole idea to him easily enough.


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