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    Default Are these symptoms of pcos?

    Hi everyone!

    I have 3 kids already and am TTC no.4 now. What I want to know is if the strange things my body has been doing for 18 mths now could be an indicator of pcos?

    I have had irregular periods since having no.3 baby 18 mths ago. My last cycle was 47 days!!! Where as this one I've started spot bleeding around 20osh days. Hoping it's implantation but who knows!

    Is spot bleeding a symptom of pcos?

    It has not been easy TTC.

    We were trying a few months ago too, and gave up cause it showed a bfp on the preg test but then about 40 something days later I started bleeding heavily for 14 days! I put it down to miscarrying.

    Now I'm skeptical of it all, as I'm wondering if I could have had pcos all this time?

    I'm booking into docs soon as my hubby has some days off work.

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    PCOS is actually hard to diagnose. It's something you can develop after years of normal cycles, but also something that can disappear with a few simple diet/lifestyle changes. In my case, I went for scans in 2008 after a year of trying with no luck. My doctor looked at my scans and blood tests, and said that I possibly had PCOS, even though I had none of the usual symptoms (overweight, acne, excessive hair growth etc). My periods were irregular and extremely painful, and together with the large amount of follicles in each of my ovaries, she concluded PCOS.

    However, I had recent scans done a few months ago, and my OBGYN swears black and blue that I don't have PCOS. He says everything is working exactly as it should, bar my cycles still being longer than 35 days.

    So, having said all that, if you read through the list of PCOS symptoms and you find you're ticking all or most of them, then I would see you doctor. Another useful tool is to start charting your temps. You will see very quickly whether you're ovulating or not and this could help connect a few dots for you. One thing to remember is that PCOS is not a disease, it's a syndrome....and one that can be corrected.


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