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    Default 1yo and bedtime bottle

    DS is 1 and im just wonderring if we should be gettig rid of his night time bottle. DD gave up at 1 with no problems. The thing is, DS always has is bottle in his cot at night then goes off to sleep. He has recently started wanting more milk and sometimes waking in the middle of the night for more.
    He eats like a horse so i dont think its hunger (or maybe its a growth spurt). Ive tried giving him his bottle before bed but hes not interested...its like he needs a quiet environment to have it.
    He doesnt have a dummy( never wanted one) and he sucks his thumb so i dont think is as comfort thing.

    Should i be trying to stop the night time bottle (he has a sippy cup during the day)??

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    I believe the advice is to give up the night time bottle once they have some teeth, as milk actually contains a lot of sugar (lactose), and it can be bad for the teeth to have milk pooling around them for a long period of time (e.g., at night).

    Is there a favourite toy you could give him at night time instead? Or perhaps try adding water in with the milk, and then gradually increasing the ratio of water to milk?

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    Yep, advice is to not let a child with teeth go to sleep with a bottle of milk due to pp comments.
    I would think it is a comfort thing. Maybe your ds uses a couple of comfort things to sleep. I would go cold turkey and either give him a bottle of water, or nothing at all. Offer a milk before bed, but tell him he won't be having any overnight. May take a couple of nights, but he should get the picture.
    Good luck.

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    TBH if it was my little man I wouldn't be overly concerned about this. So a bottle in bed makes their teeth rot...? Just go in and take the bottle out once he has fallen asleep. If it comforts him, why not?

    On the other hand you said he's started waking during the night and wanting milk...? I don't know what I would do in this situation... You don't want to get into the habit of catering to this as he'll keep doing it - maybe leave a dippy cup with water outside his cot where he can reach it himself and explain to him it's there if he gets thirsty...?

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