well thank goodness Christmas is over..

Been divorced 1 year separated for 2.. to ex he stil hasn't moved on.

He has no friends, no life, his family don't even speak to him... soooo I felt sorry for him.. invited to christmas lunch - mostly for the kids sake and also to make me feel less guilty..

He arrived 6 am to watch kids open pressies.. then 30 minutes later said he was off home for a lie down (gez it's a hard life).. I pretty much begged him to stay after lunch to play with the kids as I would need a break by then.. he flippantly said he had to be somewhere by 1pm as he walked out the door to which I said 'oh f**k off then'... yep I was a cow.. he had made me lose my cool only 30 minutes in... told my mother later.. she said I shouldn't have said that although she understands he's a jerk.

anyhooo.. he arrived for christmas lunch (he's not too proud for a free meal).. he went in the playroom and played with the kids while the rest of my family arrived and he didn't even come out and say 'hi'... my parents went in and said hi to him but he still didn't come out.. he asked for a glass of wine which we gave him but he didn't drink. He finally emerged to wash his hands in the laundry and I asked him (as he pushed past the piles of christmas rubbish) if he could do me a favour and help me get it all to the bin.. 'no' he said. this sort of pi**ed me off as he was getting a free meal and I didn't have to invite him so I thought that was kinda rude.. and said pretty much as much. He said he didn't want to stay for lunch. I said fine. He then made a bit scene with my oldest son, son is then crying saying 'why does daddy have to go why can't he stay for lunch?' to which I said daddy was welcome to lunch it was up to him.. then ex stromed out without speaking to my 8 relatives sitting there... somewhat embarrasing.

My mother was pretty annoyed as well as she gave him a present and he didn't even say thanks (I found the present on the floor in the playroom unopened and the wine still undrunk).

Needless to say... he's not invited next year, our pity has all been exhausted.

soooo how was your christmas with your ex?

oh p.s

old boyfriend (who was lovely lovely guy but kinda needy.. why I stopped seeing him) sent me a lovely christmas text.. should I reply? I'm not interested in him (or anybody tbh) so don't want to send mixed messages.. he's the kind of needy guy that would reply and reply if I did send a reply back saying thanks.. but it was such a sweet thought.