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    Quote Originally Posted by delirium View Post
    I have no issue with the OP, it was respectfully worded (although this question has been asked a squillion times by anti circers). My issue is people responding by basically insinuating that people *must* give their reasons and the comments about not wanting or feeling the need to give their reasons (and who could blame them) aren't good enough.

    People comment on how they see fit, and given this is a question we are asked over and over, those that circ get a little tired not only of the question but people saying that the fact they don't give those reasons mean they feel guilty or regret their decision - and this has been said lots.
    Of course people respond how they want to- I don't think JohnC said anything disrespectful, just was reiterating what the OP was after- info from those who are pro-circ with the assumption that pro-circ people have good reason for their choice and curiosity as to why. Such info may help others to make a decision. Saying "yes I did it but won't say why" is fine but doesn't really shed any light on such a difficult choice, which seems to be what the OP was after IYKWIM. No one *has* to give their reasons but in a thread specifically after reasons/info.... it seems kind of redundant to post specifically that you won't provide reasons.... Does that make sense?
    For me, I think I lean toward anti-circ... But I need to do more reading on the subject. And I don't judge others for making this choice, as I said I haven't had to make it, and I may feel differently if/when I have a DS Hence my interest in the topic.
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    Like I said, I'm 100% comfortable with discussing my reasons but I hasten a guess as to why others have responded like they have 1)there are lots of these threads around so people may not see the point of repeating themselves 2)they may feel every thread started by an anti circer in the pro circ section isn't really created as an attempt to understand but rather to create a thread where they can rebut other people's reasons and argue, which isn't what this section is for... and this has happened lots in the past.

    So I'm thinking the responses are maybe a polite way of saying - sick of being asked and it's actually none of your business what others personal reasons are, particularly when you are anti circ so have already made your mind up.

    I have just woke up from a nanna nap lol so not sure if that made any sense...
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    I have just deleted a few off topic posts. If you want to explore the relevance of activist sites (both pro- and anit-circ) vs medical advice, that seems best done in a new thread in the discuss it section. I will reopen this thread now for those who have circed and are willing to share the reasons behind their decision.


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    Quote Originally Posted by xkwzit View Post
    I will reopen this thread now for those who have circed and are willing to share the reasons behind their decision.
    You deleted my post too. It's so disappointing that the anti-circ people need to always argue with people in this section.

    I guess I'll explain again. We circ'd because we think it is cleaner and healthier. I have a couple of now adult friends who both had a pretty bad time with their penii? They no longer have their 'beanies', and are both very happy with the improvement that it has made.
    It's a little weird how similar their two stories are. Both in pain for years and sort of thinking it was normal.
    I think they were a little embarrassed telling someone about it, which is why it caused them so much grief for so many years.
    Anyway, those personal stories was enough for us. We are glad that we have done as much as we can to protect our children from possible pain and embarrassment in the future.

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    Thank you to those of you that responded. I did not mean to cause offense or alarm or bore anyone by asking the same question. TBH I haven't visited the circ-section before and was unaware that the question has been asked a squillion times before. My apologies. Like I said, I'm not passing judgement. I would never "demand" an explanation from anyone, that's why I tried to ask respectfully of those who did not mind sharing. I have six sons. My husband isn't circumcised and I will admit that it probably was the "like father, like son" reason that we didn't research whether or not we should circumcise, perhaps, from some of your stories, to our future detriment. I wanted to see if this reason was a social trend and if it did have a major impact on the final decision of whether or not to circumcise. I see now that in most cases, the decision made was one of well-informed consideration. For those who feel they don't have to offer an explanation - I agree, you don't have to and I would never try to coerce one out of you. So, thanks again. If anyone else doesn't mind sharing with me, I appreciate your contribution too.
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