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    Default just found out im 10 weeks pregnant!

    Wow so the feeling i had was right about being pregnant, i guess i was too scared to test or go to the docs because i was in such denial thinking nah nah it cant be true!

    My DD is 11.5mth old and i dont know if the age gap between them will be too hard to handle...it will be around 19mths.

    How do any mums out there handle two kids under two? Is it easy, hard, whats the worst parts, best tips, anything!!!

    I guess i keep thinking about beds/cots, pram, car seat etc

    And is it terrible that i dont seem to be as excited as my DF who is jumping up and down and rang everyone he knew within 5 minutes of finding out??? lol

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    First Congratulations

    My mum had 3 under 4 and my nephew was about the same age as your DD will be when my niece was born, my sil coaped...

    I want to have mine close together just have to convince DH that it's the right plan.....

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    Congratulations I had 2 under 2, There is a 21month age gap between my boys. It was difficult and stressful at times, I found the hardest part was feeding times, I breastfed so I didn't have the option of anyone else feeding baby, team that with a clingy toddler = diaster. I found I had to occupy DS1 before I would feed, so having a box of small toys/books on hand would usually keep him off of me to give DS2 a decent feed. Or I would give him his morning/afternoon tea, lunch/brekkie/dinner etc. during feeding times, that made it a little easier.

    As for a pram, there are plenty of tandom/double options, I had a Phil & Teds sport, but I hated it, I would go with the Strider + or City Select (they both have great reviews). Cot, It is totally up to you, I put my DS1 in a bed before my second was born and used his cot, he was ready to make the transition and it was one of those racing car beds which was low to the ground and had a raised guard rails which meant he never had any falls, If not, could you possibly have your newborn in a bassinet for the first 3 or so months while you trainsition your eldest into a bed? Again with carseat, DS1 was almost 2 so we brought him an Infa-secure comfi-cruiser, can be used from 8kg+ it's forward facing and would do him until he was 4, and newborn went into my eldest old convertiable carseat.

    The pros out did the cons for me, I wouldn't change a thing about my age gap, they are now (almost)4 and 2 and it is more difficult now then it was when they were younger!


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