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    Default Siblings sharing rooms

    Please help!
    We have a three bedroom house and not sure who should sleep where.
    We plan on our baby sleeping in our room until 6 months ish.
    My 14 year old step daughter and 11 year old step son (who live with us full time and shared a room up until now) have their own rooms.
    Should the baby share with the 14 year old girl, the 11 year old boy, or have its own room, or stay with us? We can't afford a bigger house at the moment. We could use the lounge room but it would have no privacy.
    All opinions welcome! I'm clueless.
    I have asked both my step children what they think and they both want to share with the baby, but I don't think it will be as much fun as they think it will be.

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    I would think it best to put bubs in a room with either your step son or daughter, after bub stays in your room for the first six months.

    A lot will depend on how well bub sleeps.

    Either that or keep the baby in your room for as long as possible. I was in a cot in my parents room for over 12 months, but I guess that's not for everyone!


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