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    Exclamation Lactose Intolerant or just colicky?

    DS2 is almost 10 weeks old and formula fed. He has had constant problems with wind. It's more wind in his bottom half than his top half if you know what I mean. He never sleeps quietly and even when asleep is writhing around grunting and crying out in pain. We have tried all the colic medications and none have helped. He was initially on S26 Gold but seemed to be a bit constipated. When he did poo they were a sandy colour. We took him to a paed who put him on Karicare Gold + HA and had us add an extra 10% water. Since then he poos more regularly - but no more than once a day - but they are dark green, explosive and he still has abdominal pain and I feel like it's actually getting worse rather than better. He can't sleep properly due to writhing around in pain all the time. We spend ages burping him, massaging him etc.
    I'm at my wits end with him. I can't get to see the paed again until late January. How am I meant to wait that long? We have also started giving him reflux medication (prescribed by paed) in case he has silent reflux like his older brother did, but I honestly don't think he does have it. His problem seems to be with his bowels.

    I'm just wondering if he could be lactose intolerant? Is it worth buying a tin of lactose-free formula and seeing if it helps him, or am I potentially going to make things worse by changing his formula again?
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    Sounds exactly like what I went through. She was lactose intolerant and allergic to the milk protein. We put her on karicare goat (lactose not as strong as cow apparently) and haven't looked back since.
    Hope you work it out soon


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