It's really helping having a bit of support and understanding.

It's just so overwhelming, I was a sobbing blubbering mess at the hospital today, I seriously don't know how I'm going to cope with this for another month. And he's not going to get any smaller..

I'm also really afraid I'll go into labour being made to wait so long. I had a hugely complicated labour with DD (hence emergency c/s with her), and one of the reasons I elected a c/s is so I didn't have to face another labour. I was traumatised for a LONG time by the events of that day, and to think it'll probably happen again is really scary.
I asked what they'd do if I did go into labour prior to my c/s date, and she said that they'd still do the c/s as I'm booked in, "but there's no guarantee there will be a theater free in time".. Which if course is freaking me out too.. I mean, this baby is going to be HUGE in another months time..

I was also hoping I'd be able to at least spend the end of the holidays being able to do things with DD before she starts school, as at the moment I can barely do anything with her due to the pain, and now the end of the holidays are going to be spent with me recovering from a c/s..

It's just sh!t. I'm sick of this hospital and their BS.