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    Default Symptoms 101: I found this list quite helpful!

    I found this list quite helpful! I spend my dad Google-ing these lists so thought perhaps I'd just pop one up.

    Good luck ladies!

    1. Missed Your Period?
    This is the classic sign of pregnancy - especially if, like many women, your cycles are typically like clockwork. If you've missed your period, it's probably time to take a home pregnancy test. Home pregnancy tests work by determining the amount of hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) present in your urine. Remember - your first urine of the day tends to have the most concentrated amount of hCG. Early morning urine will give you your best chance at detecting the small concentrations of hCG that are present in the early days of pregnancy.

    2. Feeling Sick in the Morning - Or Any Other Time?

    About one-half of all pregnant women experience some form of morning sickness (nausea, vomiting, etc.) in early pregnancy. Contrary to popular belief, "morning" sickness isn't always limited to morning; many women experience nausea in the evening, in the afternoon - and a substantial percentage of lucky ladies feel sick all day. (Note: Although rare, morning sickness can be extreme in some cases. Contact your doctor if are becoming dehydrated as a result of morning sickness.)
    3. Are Your Breasts Sore?
    Are your breasts or nipples feeling a bit sensitive - perhaps in the same way they feel right before you have your period? This is one more sign that you may be pregnant. Breast sensitivity is a common phenomenon in early pregnancy - and thankfully, one that begins to fade by the second trimester. But if you're one of those "glass is half full" types, look at it this way: for many women, sensitive breasts translate into heightened pleasure during intimate moments…
    4. Checked Your Areola Lately?
    Along with more sensitive breasts, you may notice a slight darkening of the areola, the concentric zone which surrounds the nipple. (Some say this darkening serves a purpose; it makes it easier for your baby to find his/her food source!)
    5. Honorable Discharge?
    In the early days of pregnancy, mucous begins to accumulate around the opening of the cervix to form the mucous plug, a barrier that helps protect the baby during its development. As a result of this mucous formation, you may notice a bit of vaginal discharge. (Discharge as a sign of pregnancy should not be accompanied by other distinguishing features of an infection, such as a burning sensation, foul smell, or itchiness.)
    6. Gotta Pee?
    Although pregnancy is indeed miraculous, it does not involve a suspension of the laws of physics. That means that as the baby grows larger in your uterus, the space that once allowed for expansion of your bladder is decreased. The result? You feel like you need to pee more often. Also, you may notice bloating similar to what you experience prior to your period.
    7. Not Tonight, Honey. I've Got a Headache...
    As a result of the complex mixture of hormones coursing through a pregnant woman's body, it's not uncommon for women to experience headaches more frequently during pregnancy.

    8. Seeing Spots?
    Around the time when implantation occurs (the moment when the embryo attaches to the lining of the uterine wall), it's not uncommon to notice a bit of spotting. You would look for this sign at around eight to ten days after you last ovulated. (You can use the ovulation calculator located on our home page to calculate your ovulation date.) Spotting as a result of implantation usually looks a bit different than your regular period; it tends to be light in volume and pinkish in color, as opposed to the deep red color associated with regular menstrual bleeding.

    9. Temperature Climbing?

    A raised basal body temperature past the time when your period is due is another possible indicator of pregnancy.

    10. All Stopped Up?
    Another sign of pregnancy is constipation. This is caused by certain hormones which are present in early pregnancy relaxing your intestines and slowing the digestive process.
    These signs are ones often experienced in early pregnancy - but that's not to say there aren't others. Many women have reported experiencing other "tell-tale" signs such as:
    • an enhanced sense of smell
    • fatigue
    • hunger
    • weepiness
    • heartburn
    • complexion problems ("breaking out")

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    I liked this list too, I like a bit of detail!

    Here's hoping I get some of these soon...

    1 Painful breasts cup having tender and swollen like feeling with ticklish nipples every morning. In the early weeks usually the nipple gets really ticklish and you can feel your breast swollen even if you slept in a proper posture. Your mammary glands are changing and the swollen breasts are one effect of it. Notice that your nipples change in color and size as days pass by.
    2 You become irritable – there are many things that are affecting your moods. Some women get painful back or painful abdominals and this makes them really moody. They do not know where the pain is coming from and it is sometimes very alarming to some that it might be from other serious illness.
    3 Missed period – this is the most reliable one but some women just missed period for other health reasons and climate changes including stress factors. When you think you are delayed at least 10 days, get a pregnancy test and if its positive immediately visit any gynecologist for pre-natal care. The first trimester is the most crucial foundation of the baby. There are women who do not notice or do not care with missed period often end already 3 month pregnant and though that symptoms are just due to stress.
    4 Pulses are very strong – every pulse in the body changes in the rate when becoming pregnant. You can notice an increased in pulse especially near the collarbone and wrist. Some of these pulses are noticeable by other people.
    5 Light urine – when you have lighter color urine than the usual (closer to clear) you have to be conscious about pregnancy. You know your body when it changes.
    6 Rapid increase or decrease of weight – there are women who lose fat when they are pregnant and they become so frail looking. But there are women who gains weight and very blooming. But if the gaining and losing is not normal take a PT test. The one part of a woman’s body that is very noticeable to chain is the birth handle or the hip. When you notice your pants are beginning to be tight and in the following week you cannot fit in it anymore, take the PT test.
    7 Morning sickness – is when you feel nauseated and you vomit every morning or when you are hungry or too full from a meal.
    8 Metallic taste – you start to feel that your tongue tastes differently. You start craving for food with intense tastes like salty, sour or too sweet.
    9 Sleeplessness or over sleeping- This happens especially in the afternoon and different from your usual sleeping habit.
    10 Pains everywhere in your body; it can be either in your lower abdomen, lower back, upper or middle part of your stomach and you may even experience having painful and stressful pains in your shoulder and upper back.


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