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    It is really hard to calm and wind down one with a baby! I have a two year old and 5 month old and we have found a routine that seems to work for us.
    We do dinner by 6 -6:30 then bath for both with Dad (while I clean the kitchen yay!)
    Then it's pjs and ds1 picks his toy he wants to take to bed.
    Kisses and cuddles for the family (we have extended family living with us at the moment).
    Df puts ds1 to bed. Then I take ds2 in and they say good night to each other (well ds2 dribbles on ds1). This is the most important time of the night. Ds1 seems content that he isn't missing out on anything when ds2 is getting ready for bed.
    I then bf ds2 and he snuggles in bed until he falls asleep them he goes into his bassinet.
    I try to be flexible, because there are always just bad nights, or df comes home late. But I try to maintain the little things.
    Consistency is what works for us. It also helps that ds1 self weaned while I was utd with ds2.

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    Bath time around 4pm, unless we're having a messy dinner. In that case, I do dinner a bit earlier to make sure they still go to bed usual time. I try to have dinner ready between 5-5:30. Wash up quickly whilst they're eating (usually eat mine after, or when they're in bed). Then clean up after them, get Nappies, milk etc ready.. Put on abc 4 kids. Brush teeth, then put DD in bed just after 6pm. And then go tidy up a bit and take DS to bed around 6:30pm for story time.
    It was a struggle when DD was a newborn, but after 3-4 months, I recognized a routine we had that worked. Our days aren't overly "structured" but bed time is always the same. Unless we go out somewhere for dinner etc..

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    For us with ds who is 28 months it is:

    Dinner 5:30-6pm

    Bath 6:30pm

    Have a last run and play (he needs it lol)

    Bed 7-7:30 with a milk and a story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabushkaMumma View Post
    Bumping this as we're now living it and struggling.

    I'm still feeding the toddler to bed, and it's now taking me more than an hour to sit here with her (not feeding the whole time, a lot of the time is spent "winding down" which involves talking, attempting gymnastics all over the bed and the usual fluff tactics) and my little baby is in DHs arms, a little unsettled and not ready for bed...

    I need to focus on baby during the witching / cluster feeding times as I'm up for a couple of hours from 3am as she catches up on her feeds there...

    Would love to revisit some other people's ideas!??
    BabushkaMumma I am so glad to see you have come back to update how you're finding the transition!

    I had DS2 on the 9th of Jan and the night time routine with two (DD turned 2 the same day he was born) was the biggest 'how on earth will I do it!?' question I pondered while pregnant! (DS1 is a teenager so at least he's sorted)

    First step we have done is getting DP used to putting DD to bed. It has always been my thing as she was breatfed to sleep until I was 5 months pg (we all co-sleep). I went into labour 5 weeks early and stayed in hospital for 7 days so they just both had to quickly get used to a new routine! Its working most of the time although she will almost always try the 'fluffing' for him whereas with me it's 3 books, must be lying down, etc and then sleep.

    So at the moment either of us do all or part of the night routine depending on whether the baby is sleeping or feeding.
    However DP goes back to work in 10 days and then most weeknights it will be just me and them.

    So I'm desperately looking for positive stories about people juggling two alone!

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    Hmm that's hard. I don't breastfeed my older two anymore so daddy mostly takes care of them. Is there any chance you could feed new bubba while patting your toddler? Or would this just make her jealous/want more of a feed? What about pushing her bed time back a little so you can feed bubba first then daddy can try settle bubba?

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    Thanks for everyone's newest replies..

    It's been an interesting couple of weeks, of adjustments, of some pretty hairy times and some lovely times!

    Just today I managed to feed my littlest to sleep for a nap, while my toddler patiently waited and I fed her to sleep. Mind you they were all over me so that I couldn't nap - but at least they both did. That was a massive win for me today.

    Slowly our nights are coming together. Baby has only started to cluster feed, so she has feed / cat nap / feed from about 4pm with bed time being 6pm with last milk then.

    Then there's bathing toddler and then I start putting her to bed at around 7pm, asleep by 8pm.
    I've started to say she can only have one side so that my other side replenishes its supply in time for feeding the baby at her next waking.

    The tandem feeding is going well - and it's worked to keep my supply at much more reduced levels than I'd had the first time and actually my toddler has put on some weight again due to the increased supply which is great as she doesn't have dairy and lost quite a bit of weight (equivalent to my newborn) so I'm quite happy about that. She does have an increased desire for it too - so that's quite hard in dealing with the persistent requests!! But that's another thread!

    It's coming together slowly but we have a visitor with us for 6 weeks so it does mean interruptions and stuff, which is frustrating, but we couldn't avoid it

    So its going ok, certainly moving into a routine that looks like working, but will need some tweaking for sure as toddler isn't eating well at dinner due to all the interruptions so we need to find something that works for all aspects....


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