Ok so we made our decision a couple of months ago to send our end of April daughter to school the year she turns 6.
Preschools and schools reassured us that this is the better option even though she is socially and academically matching the kids going to school next year.
Tonight we go out with friends from work 1 5yr old, 3 4 yr olds, 1 3yr old.

My 4th old girl spent the whole night playing with the with the older 4 who all go to school next yr whilst the 3 yr old just didn't seem to be on the same level as them at all and guess which one will be going to school when my girl does!!!!
Why do we have this stupid system where kids can be up to 18months diffrent in age.

I now feel like I'm putting her at a great social disadvantage and these kids that we see a lot will exclude her from now on as she is not in their school yr even though she is just a mature as them ( more mature then some)and only 2 weeks younger then 1 of them but 16 months older then the girl who will be in her yr.
Aaaarh stupid stupid system.