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    Well let me just say I would love to wake my kids up in the morning We are almost always up by 7!

    What time do they wake up?

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    Yes I wake DD in the morning if she sleeps too late, I used to wake her at 7am every morning but now she only has one nap a day I let her sleep longer. I also wake her from her nap as otherwise it will take her ages to go to sleep. I have a babygate on DD room so I don't need to shut the door, I do this as she is upstairs and the design of the staircase makes it impossible to put the gate there but it works really well and I found including DD in fitting the gate helped her accept it, she isn't very verbal either but you would be surprised at how much they understand.

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    Don't feel bad about waking them up. They wake you up all the time!!! They don't feel bad about it so neither should you!!! Think of it as your revenge...(joking about the last point...well a little bit joking).

    By 20 months I stopped my daughter from having daytime naps - it was getting ridiculous how late she was going to bed at night. And it's not like she wanted a daytime nap anyway, I was just forcing her because I thought I should. It was awful for a few weeks and dinner time was a write off, but then her body adjusted and she went to sleep nice and early. It didn't fix her waking at night all the time, but it did get her to bed earlier and a bit more time in the evenings for me before the night time demands started again.

    Hope things improve soon.

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    Hey babe

    havent read all the replies and I have no real advice, and I dont know if this has been said, or if its taboo or what but im just gunna say it cause its what came to my head when I read your posts.

    You said that DS wont read but he willsit still to watch a dvd.....have you thought of putting one of those portable dvd players in his cot and stick on like 7000 episodes of his favourite show or put his fav movie on repeat.................maybe it wont make him go to bed earlier, but if he;s happy to stay there and watch happily on his own then maybe he could just sit and have his own little quiet time in his cot with his shows and his toys for company (if you have toys in the cot) and then can fall asleep whenever he wants and then it gives you more time to be with DD, or even just breathe or something.

    As I said, it might be frowned upon or already mentioned, I dunno...but it came to my head so Im throwing it out there.

    kitty, you're an amazing mumma xxxxxx


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