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    Default Would you wait or would you just do it!!

    So I find myself in a little bit of a rock and a hard place!

    In December last year hubby and i started ttc #3 and did conceive in April/May but unfortunately suffered a miscarraige. We held off things for a while and as it happens in July he got a job offer to come to Queensland... so fast forward a few months and we are now living up here and 6 weeks into new jobs that both have 6 month probationary periods.

    Hubby is 41 now and a I'm bit younger at 32 so for me time isn't of the greatest issue however we had to agreed to wait and see the probationary periods through and get a little bit more financially stable also....

    thing is as time goes on I get more worried we will just get more and more used to just having the two that we have, who are beautiful kids and obviously we adore! Also I am as clucky as anything.. but I worry also about getting pregnant inside my probationary period. If I wait until its up and we are pregnant within a few months, God willing, it'll be a 2013 baby which makes my youngest 4.3 months which is heaps more of a gap than a I ever wanted...

    hmmm decisions. Í'd love to hear your thoughts! And of course I know I could be overthinking everything too

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    If it is a decent employer I wouldn't worry about the probation period if you got pregnant. They can't just get rid of you for no reason, although many people seem to think that's the case! Yes you can't access unfair dismissal but if you were let go because you were PG you could lodge a general protections claim, EEO claim, etc. They would have to have a good reason, and evidence, for terminating you.

    I understand you wanting to be there a bit longer before you go on mat leave, but if the reason you're delaying is b/c you're worried you'll get the sack then don't be!!


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