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    Default Posotive Blood Test Low HGC Level -Confused pls help!!!!

    Got blood test results back for the 3rd blood test I have had in about two weeks or so. First two where great with posotive reading & hormone level was good. Had to have 3rd blood test yesterday, got results back today. I can't work out why the blood test says posotive, when the hormone level is down. It was at 1000 & has gone down to 800. The doctors are confused because They can't work out why, the blood result still says posotive. All she said is that, it is possible that we could have had twins, but to really prepare ourself for the worst out come. I had my hopes up way high & we told our family who also have their hopes up high. I have to have a scan next week, what is the point if there is nothing there. Twins don't even run on my side of the family or hubby's. So what is the point of the scan if I am going to get let down yet again. p.s since I am a newbie at the lingo Sorry If I confused you with anything but hopefully you understand what i am meaning.
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    Your hcg is expected to double every 48-72 hrs in early pregnancy. The numbers arnt necessarily as important as the doubling time. If it decreases then it can be a sign of mc. However it is possible that you have had a twin pregnancy and one embryo has stopped developing. This would show a drop in hcg initially however further testing would reveal it rising once again as the other embryo continues to develop. It is possible for anyone to fall with twins, it doesn't have to run in the family.

    I understand what you are going through, my first pregnancy showed my hcg dropped and not long afterwards I mc and with the next two I had test after test, scan after scan all of which just confused me more as there really isn't anything they can do if a pregnancy is failing.

    I'm not trying to scare you, the above information is generalized and there is always the exception to the rule. Not to mention the fact that every case is different.

    Best of luck with everything, I hope you get an answer either way soon as I found waiting the hardest part.


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