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    Default Digital Partners - too much time on forums and social media

    Do you think you spend too much time on forums and social media, or even playing games on your smart phone?

    My DH has accused me at times of staying up late on my phone and yes my kids ask me to 'put my phone away'. I'm trying to be honest with myself. I thought I did ok I- I only get computer out for work/bills, etc, but now I have had an iPhone for a year or so I do realize I check my phone a lot - whilst waiting for my tea to boil, whilst kids are on trampoline, whilst kids in bath, whilst cooking dinner, whilst out alone to coffee. I've stopped reading, and I don't want much tv - that's where my husband labels me digi wife cause he watches Telly programs and I bub hub.

    I don't think I use it as much as other people, but yes I do realise it is detrimental to my 'real life' time and relationships because I do get involved in plights on online unknown 'friends' instead of calling a friend, or engaging with a neighbour. Right now the kids are sitting on couch with me watching Maisy whilst I type this out. We should be getting breakfast!

    Anyway - I have read others say on occasions that their partner complains they are on their phone too much - and then I realise they are primarily involved in a 10 page thread etc.


    My new year's resolution is to have specific 'bub hub/Facebook/email checking times' and to stay off the waves otherwise. I'm forum browsing responsibly!

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    I didn't read the link, but I agree and relate to your post.

    I find when I'm at home, bh becomes a distraction from the real world, but it can become quite invasive.

    I scaled back my participation recently due to an incident, and felt a bit bereft one night as I would usually look at bh. But it was good as it forced me to read a book or do something offline.


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