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    Default Already feel fat and gross :(

    Hello. I'm six weeks pregnant with my second child. I have always been healthy and a good weight. With my first child I lost a lot of weight when pregnant because of constant vomiting. I ended up only putting on about 6kg. I lost all the weight after and was back to normal. With this pregnancy I found out at three weeks and that day I got an abscess on my panty line and couldn't walk well for nearly ten days. So no exercise. I walked or jogged nearly every day before that. Morning sickness this time started a week ago. It is still very bad but better than last time. Last time I didn't eat much because I was sick of puking. This time, if I have a full stomach, the nausea improves. So I've basically been stuffing my face constantly - not really bad food but not as healthy as usual - for the past week since I have to work and not vomit. I've put on nearly three kgs already. I feel heavy and disgusting at only six weeks. I can't to exercise because I'm just too ill. I'm worried about the health consequences of this too as I'm 35. Should I just force myself to get up and go for my walk in the morning? Eat less but vomit a bit more? This is a horrid pregnancy

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    AwwI'm so sorry, MS is the worst . Give your body what it needs and is asking for, and if that is food, then do it. I found eating crackers and savory things best helped for my ms. Be kind and easy on yourself. Once your MS settles some I am sure you will be well enough to go for walks. Love your bubby and love yourself, pregnant women are beautiful (whether they feel it or not)


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