I know there are heaps of BJCS threads but I haven't come across these questions in any of them.

I've been reading some reviews and some people have mentioned that in order for both kids to be comfy, both seats need to be facing either forwards or rearwards. Has anyone had the capsule on the top seat facing rearward and the bottom seat at the front facing forwards? Does it work ok? Is there enough room to do this comfortably? Also, does it work to have the back seat facing rearward and the front seat facing forwards? Are both kids comfortable? Is there enough room for the seats to recline easily, or at least the top seat?

Also, DD2 will have just turned/be about to turn 2 when this baby gets here, and I expect her to be using the pram until she's about 3. At the moment at 18 months she's about 10kg, but she is slightly taller than average. Are the seats big enough to comfortable fit a tallish child?