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    Default my 21 month old won't talk to anyone!

    every time someone talks to him eg the shop lady or the child nurse or even friends of the family he stamps his feet shakes his head and screams no no no EVERYTIME hence why we have avoided Santa this year
    is this a "normal" faze? how long will it last it is so frustrating

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    My DD was like that. She was very much a clingy Mummy's girl. If someone said hello to her, even family or close friends that we saw often, she would turn away or shout 'no'. It got to the stage where she wouldnt play with other kids unless I was sitting right next to her playing as well. I couldnt even leave the room to go to the toilet without her crying hysterically.

    At 21 months of age we decided to put her into day care 1 day per week so that she could have some social interaction without me by her side (we had plenty of other social activites with other friends, mother's group, swimming, story time etc, but I was present with her all of the time). She cried and cried and cried for the first 3 months at drop off time, it was horrendous. She always got over it about 5 minutes after I left. Day care made a huge difference to her. Within in about 6 months she was much better around other people. She is now 3.5 y/o and still goes to day care 1 day per week and she loves it. She will now speak to people, she will happily run off and play with other kids, I can actually leave the room to go to the toilet. My SIL just said the other day that she cannot believe how social DD is now given how clingy she was as a baby/toddler.

    I often wonder whether she would be the same without having gone to daycare and of course I cant that question because we'll never know.

    I think though if you keep persisting with him by exposing him to other people who speak to him and being there with him, then he should hopefully improve over time. I say that because I know there were times where I said "I'm not going because DD will just cry and want to sit on me and she wont have a good time". It would have been easy to hide away sometimes.

    I completely understand your frustration. I found it a really difficult time and to be honest I used to get embarrassed and wonder if people thought I did something to "make" DD so clingy and almost unsociable.

    Good luck.


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