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    i don''t want to have to have a c-section as i am petrified of having a needle in my back!!! i''m a big baby some times the rest doesn''t worry me as i''ve had other surgery in the past.

    when i was preg with DD1 once i got to 6months every appointment it seemed there was something else wrong with me so i asked at every apt could i still have natural birth!!! Drs got sick of me i think and started telling me yes i could before i even asked.

    i had gestational diabetes and was induced at 38wks wasnt nice having a drip in each hand but we did it in 4.5hrs from start to finish and i would do it again

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    I was terrified when I was told I was having a csection, it was an emergency csection and I'd done no research on them assuming if deliver naturally so I was totally unprepared. I was so scared though I begged for a general anesthetic. Lol. The midwife talked me out of it saying 'you've come this far do you really want to be the last person to meet your baby?'

    The only part that was pretty scary was the epidural. I was in full blown labour at the time, and had a contraction as the epi went in and so I had a nurse holding my hands, holding my eye contact telling me it would be okay, just don't move. But had I not been having a contraction at that moment it wasn't bad at all. They numbed the area with a coupled of local anesthetic needles that felt like pin pricks so I didn't really feel the epidural going in or anything.

    Then I could feel my legs, it was truly bizarre sensation.

    Feeling them cutting and pulling him out was pretty gross feeling, but not at all painful. The final tug as he was lifted out made me feel nauseas but then a split second later he was crying and nothing in the world mattered after that point. I just sobbed too.

    Jasper was taken out of the room fairly soon after he was born without explanation & i didnt see him for about 45 minutes, so if I had a repeat csection I'd be VERY clear unless it was an absolute medical emergency my baby doesn't leave my sight.

    But yeah. I was absolutely terrified and it wasn't a quarter as bad as I thought it would be. I think I was just so relieved that I couldnt feel my contractions any more - it was bliss. Lol.

    Though - I'm having a VBAC because I'd prefer to avoid the recovery at all costs. The pain afterwards was pretty bad and I can't imagine how much harder recovering for a csection would be with a toddler as well. So... The csection itself wasnt 'that bad'. But I'd still definitely prefer to not have another one.
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    I had an emergency c-section and it really wasn't that bad. Like Boobycino, I had the epi while contracting which wasn't fun, and while it hurt, it wasn't as bad as I expected (I hate needles). Catheter wen in after and I didn't feel that at all.

    The actual op was fine. You can feel tugging and pulling which is weird, but it was over fairly quickly and they were showing me DS. DH then went and cut the cord and was with him while they did the weight and AGPAR and then he was placed wrapped on my chest. He stayed there and when we got to recovery, we had skin to skin.

    I think I was back on the ward within an hour and the recovery was not as bad as I expected. My op was a Thursday night and I think I had a shower Fri arvo.

    They would have let me home on day 5, but DS lost to much weight so we were in for a week. By then I was moving well and was only on panadol for pain. I stopped all the heavy drugs on day 3 as was feeling fine.

    Took it easy for the first couple of weeks and just started doing things as I felt able. By about 5 weeks I was pretty much back to normal, but vacuuming still hurt a bit, so that stayed a DH job for a long time

    I'm trying to decide on VBAC or planned c section and am leaning towards the section. I realise it will be harder not being able to pick up DS, but we had a scary labour with him and could have lost him, so not sure I want to risk it.

    Good luck with whatever happens when the time comes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MandyMaree View Post
    The things that scare me the most about c-sections are:
    • being numb and not feeling anything;
    • not being able to go home straight away (I loathe hospitals);
    • having that tube stuck up your wee hole (ouch! just the thought of this makes my eyes water...); and
    • not being able to hold my baby for a while...
    'm just really confused now... I mean, I want to do what's best for my baby, but... knowing I was "booked in" to have a c-section would stress me out big time, and I'm not sure that sort of stress would be good for the baby...

    I only have one bub and yep - delivered via c.section.

    But don't worry, Im not here to tell you you're crazy.

    I was petrified of having a c section as well.
    All I've wanted me whole entire life was to have a baby and felt that a c section was not "the proper way" to go about it.
    The thought of it scared the bahjezuz out of me for so many reasons....mainly, being cut open while I was awake.

    Ive had lots of major surgery in my short life and been ok with it because I was asleep but the thought of being awake while being cut open scared me so much I lot sleep over it.

    Anyway, DD was posterior and got stuck....I know many people fluff off that as a way to say that Obs just love to cut but I know my OB and I had 3 other people there (DF, my mum and my bestie) that saw DD get stuck...as I was pushing, her head kept coming but nothing else and she was in serious distress so I ended up with an emergency cesarean.

    I'm not gunna lie.....It was the most scariest thing I have ever experienced in my whole entire life.

    Laying there waiting for it was the first time I actually said I changed my mind and don't want to continue this pregnancy or have any others Im just too scared!

    Anyway, it was fine, scary, but fine, lots of support people around to talk me through it.

    As for the things that scare you about it, Id like to say:
    • being numb and not feeling anything; That is the best bit and you don't actually feel nothing, I felt the whole thing but it was painless.
    • not being able to go home straight away (I loathe hospitals); For me, I love hospitals and was in a really good one so I enjoyed the 8 days I spent there.
    • having that tube stuck up your wee hole (ouch! just the thought of this makes my eyes water...); For me, they put it in there after Id had my epidural so I couldnt feel it and I was still minimally under the effects when they took it out so also didnt feel it.
    • not being able to hold my baby for a while... I got to have cuddles with DD for about 10/15 minutes as soon as she was born and then 35 minutes later I was out of recovering and she was in my arms breastfeeding and snuggling. I hated that first 30 minutes of not being with her but in the grand scheme of things it wasnt so bad...
    Good luck with your TTC journey and your next birth....I hope you get the birth that you want but just wanted to offer thoughts from someone who was equally as scared aobut a c/section and had one.

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    I never wanted a caesarean.

    Then I had one.

    Now I definitely don't want another... and mine was straight-forward with no real complications, so nothing happened that wouldn't normally.

    I would never book in for a caesarean because I was told I should. I don't get why some midwives make predictions as if they're fortune tellers. If there was a problem, then I'd have the caesarean... but I wouldn't set myself up for one just in case.

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    Yep I will do anything to avoid a c/s at all costs :-( the only time I'd say yes was for risk of death.
    I am petrified as the whole third time lucky... Well I see it as third time unlucky... So I have to focus on my two fast labors and avoid negative thinking.

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    From my own personal experience c-sections can be scary. My first was an emergency csection and i was terrified, but the concerns that you have weren't an issue for me at all.

    I didn't feel the catheder. I could feel pulling and pushing but no pain at all. However recovery was a lot longer for me cause of complications.

    I think the best way to describe it would be you know those vaccume cleaner adds on infomertials where there are demonstrating how the vaccume can suck up a bowling ball? Thats kinda what it felt like. Not painful at all, just strange. And you can hold your baby straight after, and you can even give them their first feed if everything is ok with bub.

    My second was a planned csection (was talked into it by my old OB as a "safer option") But i have to say the whole experience was really good. No pain held my baby straight away, was up and walking around pretty fast and went home on day 3, buy day 7 i felt like my old self wasn't sore at all, i got tired easier though. I also think knowing what day i was going to have my bub was a plus as i was able to be organised with who would be there for DS1 etc as we don't have family close by.

    I am now pg with my third, it's funny... i REALLY want a vbac as i have NEVER even been in labour before how ever the idea scares the crap outta me. I guess it's just fear of the unknown!

    In my personal experience having a planned csection is much easier and less stressful than a emergency one. But listen to your instincts and most importantly do what you think is right for you and your future bub!

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    Oh my gosh I was exactly the same!!!

    I was 40+5 when I went into labour. I had mentally prepared myself for a natural birth with no drugs etc.

    After 20hours of labour they did an internal and found bub was breech and told me I had to have an emergency c section. I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. I was terrified of everything that you mentioned!

    Looking back now 2 weeks later it wasn't as bad as I ever thought it would be. The first day stuck in bed (had c section 11.30pm the night before) with a catheter and drain feeling itchy (from morphine) and just plain gross was probably the worst part of it all but by lunch time the catheter was out and by 6pm the drains from my cut were out and I was able to get up and shower.

    I guess at the time I was just more scared of how bub was doing and the fact that I was still getting contractions and then my waters broke that I didn't actually have a chance to think about the fact they were sticking a gigantic needle in my back haha!!

    All in all though as I mentioned it wasn't as bad as I ever imagined and really I think the aftermath (being sore, movin slowly, not driving for 6 weeks etc) is the annoying part.. So inconvenient!!!!

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    I was absolutely petrified at the thought of having a c-sect. It literally scared me to tears. I wanted to avoid it at all costs.

    I did however end up having an emerg c-sect due to severe pre-eclampsia and now after having one, I couldnt tell you a bad thing about it.

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    Ok.. Well if I wasnt petrified enough the tube up the wee hole which I didnt kbow about definetly isnt helping!!

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