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    Default posotive blood test negative doctor??? confused!

    I had two blood tests, which say my hormone levels are good. I did have spotting n bleeding a week ago. Which doctor is telling me that I possibly had a miss carriage because the first week which was round the 6th that I found out, I had a scan that showed nothing. Normally I give my doctor a lot of praise as they are really good, i have been to many doctors and she has found what others couldn't. first time i have been quiet annoyed and disappointed by her. Both tests have said my levels are good and have come back with everything posotive, I just have to drink more water.
    What I don;t understand is, that if I Had a miscarriage I would not have had a high reading of my hormones, even she said that so why give such a negative report. Now it has slightly worried me. I have thought I am not pregnant but I have to be if test are good hormone level is good. Just cos nothing was found doesn't mean there isn't anything? The doc has quiet confused me. My mum came with me and at first she was quiet upset by the doctor too and assured me everything is still fine it has to be. even my dad said the same thing. For some reason, I have to ahve another blood test tomorrow, it is kinda doing my head in. Then in a few weeks if blod test comes back fine I will be having a scan to find out how far i am. Has this happened to others, Am I Pregnant? The doc was all over the place one min she said that It came back posotive and if it has gotta find out why but nothing there. All i can add is just AAAHHHHHH! What is going on, my dad said to go to someone else.
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    they probably dont want to get your hopes up. but the repeat blood tests would be to check to see if your hormone levels are going up, down, or remaining the same. you may very wellhave miscarried but at 6 weeks it is also possible you ovulated late like I did and not actually be as far along as you thought. Or it could also be that you have miscarried and your body not yet realised , again that also happened to me. It turned out the blood tests weren't the best judge in my case. Mainly because it takes a while for hormone levels to go back down An example being - i had a positive test result using a hpt 6 weeks after I m/c when I knew for sure I wasnot pregnant again. That was kinda un-nerving. In my own experience it really is a wait and see scenario. although I do think you should have a repeat ultrasound in a week or so instead of more bloods.

    The important thing is not to stress about it too much. goodluck

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    It really is a wait an see option but I will have my fingers x for u

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    Did you get a copy of the results?

    The rate that the hormone hcg doubles gives a good indication if the pregnancy is going to be ok. This is why they are getting you to do another blood test. They will compare your results to the previous test and calculate the rate by using the number of days between the 2 blood tests.

    the spotting could have been implantation bleeding, or sometimes people have bleeding when there period would normally have happened (if they were not pregnant).

    When was your last period?

    A dating ultrasound is usually done around 7 - 8 weeks after the first day of your last period.

    It can be hard with all the waiting, and although the dr hasn't explained things properly, it sounds like she is doing the right tests to see how things are going.

    take care


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