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    I had my ultrasound on Tuesday that confirmed I was having a girl. I was shocked and sad .. my dp face dropped when he heard girl.

    I still can't get over the fact I'm having a girl, I wanted a boy.. I'm prepared for a boy. I completely understand where you are coming from.. just in reverse.

    We want a healthy child but I'm not a girly girl.. everything around is pink!!

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    I have five boys. I know exactly how you feel. I wanted a girl so badly so so so badly.....

    Then my last son was born and I'll tell you what, so has my desire for a girl.

    I am so so glad that I have sons.

    Whatever the sex of the baby, the gender will be perfect, and regardless of how you feel now, your baby will be the perfect match for your family, whether it be a boy or a girl.

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    i think until you meet him you might not change the way you feel. i was sort of the samee, i said i didnt mind if it was a boy or gir in the end but lways wanted my boy first, i almost got upset when i heard the nurses talking about 3 lines, which ive been told is how they describe girls parts, ended up the were talking about the kidneys, but for those few minutes i was ready to cry, i even had butterflies. i think everyone has a preference, one or the other or none but when you get your hopes up you do get disappointed. i think just wait till he's here and you will be over it soon enough

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    Hi. I have a son also and he's 12. Over the years I thought how nice it would be to have a little girl if I ever had another baby and now that I'm preg with baby #2, my thinking has changed; I think I will be relieved if I'm having another boy, for the simple fact that it's "known territory" if you know what I mean? Kinda like, well I've been there, done that, where as if it's a girl, it's a whole different ball game. (Not really, but in my head!)
    If I find out that it's another boy, it would feel like I'm having another boy like my DS and that makes me feel less nervous, because obviously my DS is my little man and my life, so having another "him" would be OK!
    Of course, a girl would be nice, but I'm happy to be bringing this little soul into this world and kind of believe that as parent's we are chosen, everything is meant to be and this little boy you're carrying has chosen you! I really hope this all makes sense, it's hard to fully explain it..
    And wouldn't your DS love a brother? I know mine does!


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