hi all,

my nickname is Caz and i'm a fresh newbie (signed up literally 5 minutes ago lol) and i'm here to obtain a bit of guidance and some online support as i'm on the long and arduous journey of trying to find out what's exactly going on with my infertility.

as i haven't set up a signature just yet i'll give you the brief details..

Me: 27
DH: 29- his little swimmers are above average

Started TTC March 2010.
Obtained referral from my GP to see a FS Dec 2010
9 Dec 2010 had first appt with FS

Prescribed Clomid @ 50mg (CD2-6)

Approximately June/July 2011 increased dosage of Clomid to 100mg (CD2-6) Also prescribed Metformin/Diabex at 150mg per day.

August 2011 - Had operation to check for endometriosis - nothing found. Was supposed to have a laparoscopy but they made an incision and weren't able to go back in to check my tubes as I was bleeding profusely so had to stay overnight in hospital.

Oct/Nov 2011 increased dosage of Clomid to 150mg (CD 2-6)
Early Nov 2011 had HSG performed. Left tube apparently completely blocked; right tube ok, oil flushed through it. Also found that i have an underdeveloped uterus.. NEVER heard of that before.

Dec 2011: Last round of 150mg Clomid. BT performed Saturday just passed and no ovulation found.
Started Gonal F injectables yesterday at 50ml and will be having my first scan this Friday to check if anything has changed.

I think I ovulated approximately 3-5 times out of the whole year just passed.

So now I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on their experiences with Gonal F.. Or even some success stories after not progressing with Clomid?

Sorry for the novel but I thought if I put everything out on the table, I'm hoping someone has gone through something similar or maybe just a couple of things the same who I can chat with as I'm the only one in my circle of friends who is having such a hard time falling pregnant. I'm sure a lot of you can agree, the 2WW is a killer but I'm hoping this new year that's around the corner is MY turn, just like many other determined women.

Thanks and billions of baby dust to all!

Caz ^.^