he knows i need to be off my meds to ttc, i told him that the previous appt because i have a very specific condition in which i need this medication and the meds are very dangerous in ttc and early pregnancy.

but in regards to that as well, this last appt i had to remind him that i need to go off and then he told me to check with somewhere (i forget where) to see perhaps the grade of drug to see if safe (when in fact i already know the answer and told him this prior and my specialist wrote him a letter?? seems weird that he is questioning it or overlooked it) it just seems like he's going over things so quickly and doesn't really personalise our case (if that makes sense). there is not much time taken to answer questions and it is just a rush to get these tests and push into ttc asap and then move us along. but we haven't discussed much yet aside from tests and it went so fast. i did mention won't ttc until feb, unless the amh result is significantly lower, but wont' get those until mid jan anyway.

of course we want a baby so much and i know it's not a good idea to wait with the amh so low.. but on the other hand as a result of my illness i need to get my body ready to be safe for pregancy and safe for me as well as the baby. it's a bit of a conflicting predicament i'm in and it's stressful and worrying.

anyway, back on topic to the hycosy, i gather he is just trying to be prepared, but wish we would have discussed more rather than just ordering the test and then i could have addressed this with him. does it take a very long time to heal from the hycosy?