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    The only way I knew something was up was that night before bed the BHs felt different then normal...like they were 'sharper'. I had been having heaps of BH in the evening for weeks so it was nothing new. I just assumed it was the BH but just feeling a bit different.

    Then at 3am I woke to go to the toilet and when I stood up out of bed my waters broke all over the floor.

    I didnt start contractions until about 6.30am - 7am.

    Oh yeah....I was 40+4. I didnt do anything to bring it on. No extra walking or extra s3x or curries, no clary sage or EPO.

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    DS1 was born at 41weeks. I was actually just walking back from my hositpal appointment, I was offered a s&s but refused, I wanted a spontaneous labour. The walk was a good 45min to get home, halfway through I started getting mild cramps, which were coming and going every 5min, by the time I got home the were much more intense and i decided to ring my mum. Checked my knickers and i had my show. Went laboured at my mums house for another hour before the contractions were coming every 2min and very intense. Waters broke about 2 hours after arriving at the hospital and DS1 was born 2 hours later.

    DS2 was born at 39+4. Another spontaneous labour. I woke up with mild contraction (smilar to what I had with DS1) I knew that today would be the day, so i dropped DS1 to daycare and let them know my mum wouls possibly be picking him up. Went to my mums to pass some time, I was getting irregularf contractions for about an hour that weren't very intense so XDP and I decided to go for a walk to try speed things up. We were out for about 20min when i felt a little trickle, I thought my waters were leaking so we went home and I had a shower, while in the shower i started getting extremely intense contractions lasting around 30sec each coming every 2 min. I called out to DP and told him to get my stuff ready. Called my midwife and told her I was on my way to hospital, she said she would call the hospital for me and let them know I was on my way. Got to the hospital and the midwife wanted to check bubs position and my cervix, not sure what she saw but she asked if I felt like i needed to push, at that stage I did, so she got me into a bed. My midwife arrived just in time and DS2 was born 5min later, waters broke a couple of pushes before he was born.


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