IT HAS taken 10 years but the rogue obstetrician Roman Hasil has finally been forced to face a litany of allegations by patients at a northern NSW hospital.Yesterday, the Slovakian-trained doctor fronted a NSW Medical Tribunal hearing to answer to 15 serious complaints of abuse and malpractice made by some of the women he treated at Lismore Base Hospital between 2001 and 2005.Dr Hasil was suspended from practising in NSW in February, 2008, after the Herald revealed a damning inquiry in New Zealand found he had botched eight of 32 sterilisation procedures and was drunk on duty.
Yesterday, Dr Hasil, who has a history of alcoholism, turned up to the tribunal wearing jeans and thongs and representing himself.
He had nothing to say yesterday after the Health Care Complaints Commission alleged professional misconduct for several failings, including inadequate or no medical notes for all 15 patients, not wearing gloves during a perineal repair, not introducing the labour induction drug syntocinon at a reasonable time and for ''rough'', rude and inappropriate behaviour.
The full set of allegations went ''way beyond'' what was condensed for the tribunal, said the barrister Sarah McNaughton, SC, appearing for the commission.
Dr Hasil has a chequered history in Australia, including being investigated by Tasmanian police in relation to the unsolved 1995 murder of an Italian tourist, Victoria Cafasso.
The NSW Medical Board had ignored warnings from its Tasmanian counterpart that Dr Hasil lied about being jailed in Singapore in 1995 for domestic violence against his second wife, Rose Doyle, and registered him anyway.
Yesterday, the commission also told the tribunal he failed to notify the NSW Medical Board that he was convicted of high-range drink driving in September 2008.
He was finally deregistered in September 2009, after he failed to pay his fees. He was again convicted of high-range drink driving in October 2009 and has a conviction for assault.
He also sustained a major head injury from a fall in October 2009, which had resulted in a physical or mental impairment likely to affect his ability to practise medicine, Ms McNaughton said.
He failed the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists' assessments four times.
Connie Scholl said she had not recovered from the ordeal of allegedly being abused by Dr Hasil in 2002 while stitching her vaginal and anal area after birth, calling her ''horse woman'' after she kicked him in the face in pain.
Her written complaint to the commission alleges that, ''As Dr Hasil was getting up off the ground I heard him say to the midwives, 'stirrup the *****' … it was also at this time that Dr Hasil said to me, 'you Australian women don't know how to have babies'''.
She alleged he forcefully put his hand on her vagina and said, ''Who is the boss now?''
Ms Scholl complained to Lismore hospital in September 2003, but it failed to act.
Ms Scholl said she was angry that none of the victims had received an apology from the hospital management and no one had been made accountable.
She wants Dr Hasil struck off the medical register for life.
''There are about four women who will never have a normal sex life again and there are many more women … who emotionally haven't recovered. And I'm one of them. I can't walk into a hospital or a doctor's surgery and feel safe. The trauma is still there. I fall apart with a panic attack, it inhibits my life with work, my kids and the thing that really angers us is that the hospital knew what he was doing and not one of them [from management] have come forward and admitted fault.''
The hearing resumes today.
So glad this has finally come to the tribunal, took long enough I can't believe he was left to practice for 10 years after the first complaint