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    Default CCTV at the kindy/childcare is needed, what do you think?

    Dear fellow mums, me and some of my friends have been experiencing some "bad" experiences with the child cares. Kids came home with bruises, bite marks, etc, without any report from the child carers....

    and the sad thing is when we ask, they dont really know what's happened too, they are just guessing...

    my friend's son came home with big bruises and bite mark, then when my friend demand for a report from the child care, they gave a written report which said that it was because her son was punching another kid first. Which my friend denies coz from what she knows of, her son never punch!

    then just last week, my son came home with pain. he just screamed and sweating so much, said that his legs are so sore, then his head, then his tummy.... my husband ended up took him to the hospital for a check up, the doctors didnt find anything, they just think that he might had a fall or something while he was playing. Then again, no one knows in the kindy what really happened that day....

    Once I brought my son to my home country and put him in the local kindy for a few weeks. I noticed in this kindy, EACH CLASS HAS A CCTV camera. and we can see what's going on in the class by sitting in the lobby area and they show it on the tv. If you have all day, you are welcome to just sit there and monitor your child through that tv.

    I think, what a brilliant idea!! and why they dont do that here in Australia??
    That's the best way to get any proof too, just in case if your childs injure or hurt themselves, what really happen, how they fall, etc. And if they've been bullied you will get the proof too, and not mention to avoid child abuse!

    What do you think mums?

    (please forgive my english, it's not my first language )

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    As a childcarer I'm not a fan of the idea. I wouldn't feel entirely comfortable. I like centres with windows parents can peak & watch what's going on, but I wouldn't want to be filmed all day... I mean, I'd suck it up if it came in, but I wouldn't like it.

    And even as a mother with a child in daycare, I'm still not a fan, not a fan of him then being filmed continually.

    Try contacting NCAC in your state - http://www.ncac.gov.au/ and see what they say about the ongoing issues. I wouldn't be impressed with ongoing unexplained injuries. It doesn't sound like the children are being supervised.

    Another thing you can do, an alternative to cameras, is you are allowed to remain in the centre and hang out, play with your child, and observe what's going on. Childcare Centres, whether they advertise it or not, must have an open door policy for parents. So maybe stay around an observe. If the carers don't normally interact with the kids, it'll become apparent.

    Have you discussed your concerns with the director? Can you arrange a meeting between yourself, the director & room leader to discuss what more they should be doing?

    Alternatively, what other Centres are there in your area? Maybe have a look and pop your name on some waiting lists elsewhere.

    Sounds like a bad centre.

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    Not sure if it is Australia wide but it is actually in the regulations that if a centre has video surveillance it is not to be transmitted out of the centre, I would not want people on the internet watching my child. It is not unheard of for children to get unexplained bruises and even bites at childcare but if it is a regular occurrence I would definitely be worried. I guess the main thing is that if you feel you don't trust them with your child you should start looking elsewhere.

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    yes move elsewhere a couple of weeks left at our current centre and we are moving

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    I have friends overseas who can dial into a secure web page at any time and view their children at childcare... So I know what you are talking about. I'm not sure how it would help with ascertaining how bruises occurred etc though, because for sure there wouldn't be resources to sit and review hours of footage, or even have the CCTV for all aspects of the centre.


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