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    Are there any other family owned valuables that your uncle has that might be better removed from his care at the moment?

    Is it worth investing in a safe for yourself? You mentioned that your Dad would be furious if he found out about the ring. Getting your Dad to look after it would involve either telling him what has happened or lying to protect him from the truth. Or would it just be "Oh, now you have a safe you can keep it yourself".?

    I'm also slightly evil and make sure the daughter (and her siblings) know exactly where their father got the funds from. That way they will hopefully not expect such extravagant gifts for their birthdays and hopefully won't guilt him when/if they don't receive them.

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    Hmmmm I guess thats the problem with an online forum. You cant sense someones tone of voice. Im not stupid, I was just joking. I know very well its illegal and immoral

    Anyway, again, it sucks that you had to find this out the hard way. What do your other family members say about this?
    If he pawned a piece of precious jewelery to pay important bills, I could somewhat understand. However I cant understand he pawned it to buy an iphone and $300,- jeans! OT, where do you buy such jeans in the first place?

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    I would certainly be removing anything of any significance from him and and not be giving those things, or the pawned item back to him.

    He might have felt he had no choice, but to hock an heirloom like that for Christmas presents? Sorry, not good choices.

    I'd also be telling my Dad, but that is me. I think he needs to know what his brother has been doing. This shouldn't just be your burden.

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    Hmmmm I guess thats the problem with an online forum. You cant sense someones tone of voice. Im not stupid, I was just joking. I know very well its illegal and immoral
    It's alright Misschief, at least you weren't nailed to the cross for daring to express an opinion that doesn't match the rest of the herd. *lol*

    What a nasty lot some of you are. Disagree all you like - that's the mark of discussions the world over - but to revert to being rude and calling me rotten names..are you out of primary school yet? I mean, really. Get a grip.

    So. We now know that he didn't get the money from the OP. To those who have actually faced poverty (and looking at the responses I can see that very few, if any, in this thread actually have), this is not surprising. That he pawned an item in his possession which just happens to be a family heirloom is interesting. This story gets better.

    And now someone is suggesting you tell the kids where he got the funds from so they can "appreciate their presents". Yes, that's evil but why not launch a raid on his house and take everything off him just in case there are other "family heirlooms" in his possession? Right before Xmas, that'd be really evil.

    But wait, we can't let dad know in case he gets really mad. Riiiight. Sounds to me like the OP likes the power situation in that the uncle is povvo and only she can help and woe betide if he tries to help himself.

    I'll be seeing the credits roll for Days of Our Lives next.


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