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    Default Pethadine vs Epidural....

    Okay I had an antanatal class today how ever you spell it now im totally freaked out I really dont wanna have to get either of them...
    I hate the thought of a epi and having a cathada... Not my kinda thing!!!
    I had no idea about pethadine untill today but theres no way id wanna run the risk of drugging my baby!!
    Im hoping I can handle the pain and just use gas! Totally freaking out

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    Don't freak out.
    I was the same, the idea of having a needle in my spine scared the crap out of me but I had an epidural with DS1 (I was basically unconscious, don't remember it). I also had the pethidine which had no effect on me. I had a spinal block with DS2 and it was fabulous, no pain at all!

    Anaesthatists are INCREDIBLE, only the best of the best get to become anaesthetic doctors so I have great faith in them.

    Just go with the flow and see how you feel. So many women manage the pain with just the gas, getting in the bath or shower (yes, that helps sooo much) and massage and they birth bub naturally if you do need some extra pain relief, and are at the point of asking for it, TRUST ME you won't care about that little bit of pain at all. Its absolute relief and you dont feel the catheter at all.

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    These were the two types of pain relief I had with DS.

    I was against pethidine, as my sister was born with it in her system and had trouble breathing/came out blue.

    However, in labour I asked for some pain relief and rather than discussing options with me, they stuck pethedine in my bum. WORST experience I had in labour. Rather than take any pain away, pretty much knocked me out. I was passing out in between 2-3minute contractions asleep, waking up in insane agony and then passing out again, its all a huge blur, I was so out of it.

    I was still in absolute agony - posterior baby - then got the epi. I really didnt care about the whole needle in spine, I was in SO much pain, all I could think about was the sweet relief it would bring. Turned out DS arrived before it had a chance to properly kick in and only numbed up a little part of me... I also ended up with a numb leg for 6 months...

    However, the biggest regret of my birth was the pethidine... I was so out of it, I dont remember much of it or holding DS for the first time, or much at all. I was so doped It will be a big capital letters NO on my birth plan this time...
    However, I'm all up for an epidural. I had no trouble pushing out DS and I didnt get that 'ring of fire' which I admit scared me to death. Even though I had the complication of the partial leg paralysis... I am totally up for another one. Didnt feel the actual epidural process when they put it in.

    See how you go.. I am not a shower/bath person in labour and wasnt offered gas and air... so this time I will maybe try gas and air and if that doesnt help, go straight for the epidural.


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    I had pethidine and my experience with it is totally different to others. I was induced with my waters broken and then put on the synto drip, so my contractions came on hard and fast - there was no way for my body to prepare slowly and I couldn't rest or relax between contractions. I was against pethidine after my prenatal classes however during labour it was what I chose - at the time I didn't need an epidural and I tried the gas but it wasn't for me. The pethidine allowed me to relax between contractions and let my body do its job. I didn't feel too out of it and do recall much of my labour and the important bit - the birth!

    I completely understand that you're worried about your baby - I was too. They will examine you to see how far along in labour you are before giving it as they like to allow enough time for the pethidine to leave bub's system before birth. In my case my baby arrived much quicker than anticipated but he came out screaming - it didn't affect him at all! However the midwife was ready with the rescus trolley if needed.

    See how you feel during labour - be aware of what is available to you, which you are, and just go from there. All the best for a great birth!


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