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    October, I tended to do the same as pp regarding books. My son and I would lay in bed reading books and he would either drift off to sleep again or keep reading on his own while I drifted off.

    And yes letting him cry it out will just teach him that you aren't there for him when he needs you

    Quote Originally Posted by dandyelle View Post
    that may be so with new born babies , but this post is about a 14 month old, and at that age its okay to let them cry themselves to sleep because if you don't you are giving into there cries for attention for instance if i child is having a tantrum and crying you don't give into the cries or the tantrum because your showing the child they have power over you its the same thing , and have you noticed how this generation is more rude and disrespectful to their parents its because of how all of these new infant laws that basically tell you don't smack your child and let them cry and make sure you give in to their every request, all of these things basically tells a child that they can walk all over there parents and not do as there told and get away with anything they want, that's not good parenting children should be raised the way they were in the 50's, if they were you wouldn't see kids robbing the elderly , they would be helping them across the road .............so is letting them cry really that big of a deal ? NO its for the parents sake and the child's and as for mental health all i can do is laugh, i left my son to cry and his mental health is fine, in fact its more than fine he is a very happy child with an IQ of 130
    Wow. I don't really know where to begin with this post, it's just riddled with inaccuracies. Wish I wasn't on my Iphone so that I could reply properly.

    I really don't think we can blame bad behaviour on a loving mother tending to her child. Quite the opposite actually

    I'll also add that the mental effects of letting a baby OR toddler cry it out may not present themselves for many years.

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    Thanks witwicky, there's no way I'd leave him screaming. So wrong on so many levels


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