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    Default Christmas gifts for a 2 and a half year old

    Okay so my SD has loved iggle piggle or whatever it's called since birth but what is out there of that for a 2 year old regards to toys my dd has loved dora and hi5 and grew out of iggle piggle at like 6 months so I'm stuck on what to get her for Christmas also how do i make sure my dd and my sd dont fight over gifts as my fiance doesnt want them to have the same toys or similar just different colour as i suggested as my dd just turned 3 and his dd will be 3 in march any help would be great

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    My youngest is just over 2 1/2 years old. We've gotten her for under the tree... some nice wooden blocks with the alphabet on them. A Charlie Bear (she loves him,) the Tinkerbell movie and a little doll in a bath. Our other DD has the same doll with a cradle (its a set of dolls from Kmart etc.)

    There is barely 2 years between our girls and we have the problem of if one has something the other one has to have it too. We just work on sharing or if its not expensive then I just buy 2 the same. Like the placemat I got them from Best n Less the other week. They had different designs but it would have caused chaos so they both got a teddy bear one.

    If they do have the same item then we put the first letter of their name on it somewhere as its still important to them to know which identical item is theirs lol.
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