Hi girls,

As the title suggests, just wanting to know if anyone has had fertility treatment in Townsville, QLD??

If so, I was wondering which doctor you liked?

The reason is I've started seeing an OB/GYN to assist with us TTC #1. It took us 5 and a half months just to get an appt. DH has undergone SA tests etc & he is all good, so it looks like the issues lie with me. Anyway I've been told I have PCOS. We were meant to have an appt early Nov to dicuss results & start Clomid, yay! Since then, my appt's have been cancelled at the last minute & they now can't get me in until late Dec. I have had 3 appt's cancelled & rescheduled & I just want to start treatment! We want a family so bad!

I know they prioritse pregnant women for appt's (as they should!) but it just gets disheartening every time they re-schedule.

I was just wanting to see if anyone has gone through treatments here & if so, which doctor/s you recommend? They are very expensive to try different doctors!

I'd love to hear from anyone in a similar situation. Oh, I hope I have posted this thread in the right section