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    Quote Originally Posted by lolly137 View Post
    Janesmum, BigRedV and Boobycino - parts of Mount Druitt aren't that bad. We purchased our 4 bed, 680 sqm place 3.5years ago in one of the better areas for $175,500 at auction. While it does need a bit of work, the frame is in very good condition considering it is 40 years old, it was liveable from the day we moved in.

    The general area is very well placed being 5-10 minutes from the M4, M7, Great Western Highway. 20 mins from Penrith, Blacktown, and the Hawkesbury, we also have good trains and buses. In the 5.5 years we have lived in the area, the median house price has gone from approx $180,000 to approx $250,000. Not all suburbs in the area are like this, but it isn't that bad a place to live, most areas are quite nice.

    Both my husband and I are educated, we just couldn't justify spending double or triple what we did and get less than we have.
    I'm with you it's nothing like people make it out to be.
    My area has a bad reputation for. Being ethnic, drive bys and drugs.
    But I have to laugh at some of the things people say about it. I have been asked if I'm worried I will get shot, as if people go around shotting random people on the street. And if I'm worried about drugs... Umm do I look like I take drugs, people don't walk up to you and hand you drugs.. Lol there are plenty of drugs in the north shore and especially the eastern surburbs.
    Anyway I think when you are involved in trouble then you will get just that no matter where you live.
    Your kids will turn out how you raise them. Good families here have kids that go to Uni, have good jobs and build good lives.

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    Yeah, I'm sure it's not as bad as I imagine. It's just a long way from anything for me & it's where my inlaws live, so there's a reason in itself.

    The street they live on is fine, their neighbours seem to mostly be middle aged or families and it's a really quiet street.

    And honestly the suburb I live in is pretty dodgy. Lol. I HAVE been offered drugs by a random on the street here!!! (with jasper with me! And the guy was like 'oh, going straight hey?' umm yeaahhh)


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