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    Default sleeping routine of 5 week old

    Does anyone have any advice on what I should be doing regarding the sleep routine of my 5 week old.

    Currently she has a usual pattern of going to bed around 9-10pm, waking 1-2am, 4-5am, then up at 8am; she feeds well at night and goes straight back to sleep when in this pattern. She usually has 2-3 naps during the day.

    However sometimes her day time sleep is disrupted, either something wakes her or we are out or whatever. Then she may miss a day time nap, and then sleeps later, sometimes up to and through her bedtime.

    e.g, today we were out at a work xmas party and she didn't sleep until we got home at 4pm, she is still asleep now at 7pm. Going by past history if I leave her she could sleep till 8 or 9pm.

    Question is, should I wake her to help keep to the routine, or just let her sleep as she wants?

    this made more sense in my head than it does written out!

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    At this age I'd just leave her. My DD is 10 weeks old and I'm pretty flexible still and just go with the flow. She has her own 'routine' or pattern, but one day of deviating a bit from her usual pattern really doesn't disrupt things much at all.

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    Don't try & enforce routine yet. Just go with the flow of feeding & sleeping when she wants it. 5 weeks is very little and she has a small stomach so can't go that long between feeds, but if she does go longer (which is normal to do every now & again for varied lengths of time) then let her sleep and relax yourself. For now focus on getting feeding established and working out your 'routine' of what you do at feed time including working out the best way to settle her and more importantly how to keep yourself awake for those overnight feeds.

    By the way if you think bubs is in a routine at 5 weeks just wait 2 days & it will change. That's what happens - bubs grows & changes constantly for quite a while yet, but that's part of the fun of it all

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    I agree with PP. They grow so much in the first 3 months that every growth spurt will just disrupt the routine anyway! Go with the flow - enjoy being able to be at their beck and call - as my mother so often reminds me "one day she'll be a teenager and tell you what a horrible mother you are" lol. DD is 4 months and I've found any "routines" are practically useless -especially on a breast fed baby! Each baby is different and they won't all fit into a perfect little box as described in a book! She'll sleep and feed when she's tired or hungry, not when the clock tells me to do it. We play lawn bowls every week on a wednesday and the first few weeks I panicked so much about disrupting her sleeping pattern, but in the end it actually improved it lol! Good luck : )

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