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    CJ it's needed for the vent threads

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bell & Bug View Post
    Through the full website? Ok, it is possible, but its a massive, massive pain and can be expensive to load a full website with multiple images, ads and graphics for those who use mobile internet. On the mobile version of the website it wasn't possible to use the social groups, and in the applications it isn't possible to use social groups.
    I use mobile quite a bit - old mobile skin, full site and have had the new mobile skin (Not working currently). Usually if a problem is pointed out to bhtech - (eg. which phone type), he will try to have a tweak.

    Quote Originally Posted by *Cj* View Post
    We can all so have fun on facebook and not come back the next day to find the whole thread removed. Things have been removed from Bubhub for no good reason when there has been nothing wrong with the post/thread. We don't have to worry about all that on facebook. I've never come across another forum which is so over mediated. I think it turns some people off to the point that they don't post as much as they use to.
    the problem is that when you log off, you have no idea what has been posted after you. Most deleted threads start off innocently enough - but then it only takes one rude or offensive post to run it off the rails (sometimes quicker than you'd realise). We don't like deleting threads, but sometimes there's in excess of 20 or more posts which are rude, off topic or whatever, where the removal of those posts means that the thread stops making sense. At those times - you have no idea how many posts may have been deleted before the whole thread disappears - what you see and what's gone on - may be completely different.

    Believe me - no thread is deleted for no reason.

    Quote Originally Posted by *Cj* View Post
    Can Bubhub please look at a time limit on long the mods have to work out if someone will get infractions or not. That way everyone knows where they stand

    All so if people can get a infraction for using the roller eyes emoticon because it's seen as offensive should bubhub just remove it? Or you could you please add a disclaimer in the rules about using the roller eye emoticon.

    All so it's coming clear that some people (my self included) think some of the rules are unclear. Can bubhub go over the rules. Maybe even start a rules thread so members can have in put in to them
    I'll try to answer these but have bumped your questions up to the mods to see if anyone can reply clearer than me.

    Firstly - Here's your link to the rules.

    I understand your point about the time limit - and certainly it can be looked at more, but the problem is that what's offensive to one person may not be offensive to another - so reports may only come when a member sees a post down the track. The other problem is that once something is posted - it's in the public realm forever. I'm thinking you're asking for an amnesty period - but then, it wouldn't mean that the post which is seen to be offensive stops offending others who may unwittingly see it down the track, just that it hasn't been seen by a member.

    As for rollyeye guy. This emoticon was removed for a number of months as he can certainly be deemed offensive, and was being used to make some members feel belittled. I'm pretty sure that it is obvious roll eyes guy is there to denote exactly what rolling eyes denotes in real life, which is often offensive as it is dismissive of another person's comment or action.

    All of the emoticons are there to be used in lieu of text - they all mean something - therefore there is always intent when an emoticon is used, so I'm not sure what you think any disclaimer would say or achieve? A disclaimer for the user that when they are using it they mean no offense, or a disclaimer from bubhub that rolly eye guy can be offensive.

    Problem is that any number of things can be deemed rude or offensive - it's the context in which they are used which sets the tone.
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