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    Default Braxton Hicks??? Pre-Labor??? Labor???? I'm confused!

    Hi Ladies,

    So although this is my second pregnancy i really cant remember anything from my first labor.

    I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow and for the last maybe 18 hours i've had mild > sometimes strong pain in my lower abdomen and sometimes my lower back. Back pain sometimes getting to the point where i can't sit, stand, walk, or anything else. The abdomen pain isn't as bad it does sometimes take me by surprise and i have to hold my breathe to cope with it but i still remember my contractions with my daughter being a lot worse. Nothing i do eases these pains. It doesn't subside when i lay down or change position or try to walk it off. If anything it makes it worse!

    I also had either a large amount of discharge or possibly part of my mucous plug come out about half an hour ago.

    I did ring my midwife earlier to ask what they thought and she promptly told me only to worry about it until they got strong enough i could barely breathe and to between 2-3 minutes apart... the only problem with that being i live over an hour away from the hospital so leaving it that late i think would be rather stupid as i also have been told all through this pregnancy that my uterus is probably not strong enough to withhold labor contractions due to infection i received from my emergency c-section 2 years ago. this being the only reason i opted for a scheduled c-section. But she didnt seem to care her response was "well if you get here too late you'll probably have natural and there's no harm in that"

    I just don't know whether i should take her advice and leave it or be more aggressive in being checked out?

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    I think at the very least if possible see your GP. or call healthcare direct 1800022222 and get their advice. Being an hour away from hospital is too far to risk if you are in labour and have complications. the midwife probably doesnt know your case well and may think you are over enthusiastic. good luck!


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