I got pregnant this year after coming off the pill that I'd been on for 8 years. I stopped taking the pill in February and fell pregnant in May which sadly for us ended soon after the BFP as I had a blighted ovum. Had a miscarriage then a D & C with no issues.

I feel I only started ovulating again last cycle. My cycles are usually 35 days but last was 32. I tested using OvuPlan last cycle and got bright matching lines on CD17 I think. But then AF came early by 3 days. Is that a concern?

We're back TTC this cycle, I felt I needed a break to get my head together and feel so much better for it.

I tested yesterday which was CD16 and the lines we pretty much the same colour maybe my line was a tinge lighter but both right up there! Tested today and my line is back to being faint.

We have DTD CD12, CD14, CD15 (I think) and twice yesterday being CD16. If I did O according to the bright line I think we would have got it!

Now that I've finished my life story... Back to my question!

Has anyone ever used the OvuPlan sticks? If so, how did they find them? We the lines the same or similar? I used another brand of kit which I can't remember the name and they said the line should be the same, if not brighter but I feel I wasn't ovulating straight after my miscarriage so wasn't worried.

Thank you in advance!