Hello there!

My name is Kylie Wihardjo and I am from the School of Psychology and Counselling at QUT. My colleagues and I are running a survey to try to understand pool owners’ beliefs and attitudes related to two aspects of pool safety that can assist in preventing drowning and water related injuries of children aged under 5 years.

We welcome your participation if you have a swimming pool on your residential property and you either:
have a child aged under 5 years who usually resides with you, AND/OR
are likely to have a child aged under 5 years visit your residence in the next fortnight

If this is you, then we would be very grateful if you choose to participate!

Participation involves completing a 10-15 minute survey. For your convenience, you can complete this survey online by going to the following link: http://survey.qut.edu.au/survey/171722/12a2/

Alternatively, I would be happy to send you a hard copy format of the survey if that is your preference.
You will also have the option to complete a brief (5 minute) follow-up survey in two weeks’ time.

To thank you for your time you will receive a $20 Westfield gift card if you complete both surveys.

My colleagues and I are hoping that you may also be willing to assist us in our efforts to find participants for our study by forwarding the email content to anyone you know who meets the study criteria. We would be extremely appreciative of and very grateful for your help!

This project has received ethical (Approval # 1000001285) and risk assessment clearance.

Thank you in advance for your time. We really appreciate your help!

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me (kylie.wihardjo@qut.edu.au).

Kind regards,