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    Default My heart is screaming at me for a 3rd!

    I have 2 gorgeous kids a 34 mth old daughter and 12 mth old son, i know im incredibly lucky to have one of each especially in my family all my cousins are girls, and i have 2 sisters.
    The past 3 months I have had this really really strong urge to have another baby, I have never really been a clucky person, but lately i cant help but oogle at babies, I had an emergency c-section with my first after an 18 hr labor and got no where, and then planned c-section with my second and i had to leave the hospital after one night because i wanted to be home with my eldest, my partner was really terrible with helping out with my second he had time off work but just didnt really seem to care, since then we had separated for a few months and have been back together for 6 months, both my pregnancies went well, except for high BP with my second, both of my babies had reflux and my son is lactose intolerant he had severe colic until about 6 months, he still wakes up quite alot thru the night, and I told myself i would not have any more babies because it IS hard, but is 3 that much harder? i dont stress much about money as long as every one has food to eat, clothes and a roof over our heads, and mess isnt a bother to me either as im so used to it with my 2 lil tornado's, but my partner does stress about these things, he at first said no to another but after seeing a friends baby he started thinking he might like to have just one more, and im lucky to be able to afford childcare 2 days a week so i do get time to catch up on housework and just relax.
    Sorry to ramble on, but if you were in my situation what would you do?
    Im only 23 so i know i have plenty of time but i want all my kids to be close in age, as my sister and I are very close and are 2 years apart, I never really saw myself with a big family but as i get older the more and more I want all the mayhem, noise, giggles, and memories that come with a bigger family, and when i was a kid my sister and i would have loved another sibling.

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    I realise this reply is a little late, but how is it all going now? How are you and DP going? I have 6, my first has Aspergers, 2nd has ADHD, ODD, aspects of Autism, Avoidant Attachment Disorder, Communication-Processing issues, Undermethylating Pyrrole Disorder and Low-average IQ, my 3rd has ADHD, ODD, Aspects of Autism and Overmethylating Pyrrole Disorder, my 4th has speech therapy... Pretty much all of them are suspected of having something on the ASD spectrum so naturally, going from 2-3 was difficult for me!! But the more kids I had, the more I wanted, so I guess Im an example of what you are saying about being young and having close gaps etc. I had my first at 16, so here I am at 28 and I could in reality end up with 10 by the time Im 36 (my average is every 2 years!) although its unlikely DH will allow that!! I hope you have come to a happy place regarding your decision for more kids


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